Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Cousin Lynn Kellermann

Thursday, May 25th my cousin Lynnie
died of complications from brain cancer
she battled for three years

I was so happy to talk to Lynnie at Passover
every time we spoke I was somewhat aware 
it could be the last time we spoke
I really didn’t know what Lynnie’s day to day was like
I can only imagine how difficult it was

Lynnie told me she produced tv stories 
about people with ALS
she understood what I was dealing with
she felt terrible

we spoke for about half an hour
I don't remember what else we talked about
it was just so special
to hear her voice

I have many memories of Lynnie 
I adored the way Lynnie called Harold Rah 
growing up I always wanted to go 
to the house in Farmingdale 
spend time with Lynnie
it was very hilly there
I faintly remember sledding and biking
down the hills

Lynnie loved her time in Montana
I remember her distinctly 
at Micah’s Bar Mitzvah weekend
the Thursday night before
we had a more intimate gathering at our house
Lynnie was there
I remember her loving 
the double rainbow we had that evening 
outside the window
over the river by our house

when she came back to Montana with Nathan 
on vacation we took a hike together in Beehive Basin
Micah and Nathan slid on snow at the top
it was in August
I caught some fish in the alpine lake
Lynnie was beside herself in joy

I loved Lynnie
I always enjoyed seeing her 
spending time with her 
though in our lives we hardly ever saw each other

I will always treasure the time we did spend together



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  1. I'm so sorry, Mark. I understand all too well the loss of someone to brain cancer. xo