Friday, October 20, 2017

Deep Thoughts and More Football with Markymoose

what is the meaning of life? 
what is deep in your heart? 
the answer lies within each of us
some people would say
it’s all about family
some people would say
it’s all about happiness
I say happiness is fleeting
there are moments of pure joy
I still have some of those 
especially at Howie’s football games
I would still say
it’s all about family
a healthy family and friends
our friends have always been family to us
we are very fortunate
to have this extended family
in our case, it reaches far and wide
our customers, vendors, employees 
I can’t believe how many good friends 
we have made through the store
when I say healthy
I am speaking relatively
we all have our own stuff
that brings us up or down


the Big Horns won their game 
this past Friday night
we drove to Absarokee
it sleeted it snowed it rained
there was no score until 
Howie caught a touchdown pass 
late in the third quarter
then Absarokee ran the kickoff 
back for a touchdown
we were up 8 to 6 
until Howie caught
another touchdown pass
The final score was 21 to 6
Our record is 6-2 
we went with our friends 
visiting us from France 
it was their first American football game
a couple days later we all went to Jackson Hole
we drove through Yellowstone 
and Grand Teton National Parks
the weather was spectacular
on the return, we spent four hours
at a picnic area on the rocky shore of Jackson Lake 
with an amazing view of the Tetons

it was so nice to have Isabelle and Didier here
we are very blessed with people
they came over every morning
Didier would say okay Mark 
Isabelle would give me a kiss on the cheek
we face-timed with their daughter, Sarah
I kept cryng because I was upset
that nothing will be easy again
I will never go to Europe again
but our friends visit us
and it is all about the people


the Big Horns played their
last home game of the regular season
against Ennis on Wednesday
it was senior night
we were destroyed 50-7
Howie scored our lone touchdown
keeping his streak of at least
one touchdown in every game alive

Big Horn-Ennis Newsreel:
"who else but Howie Robin. . . "

Monday, October 2, 2017

Yom Kippur 2017: Reflections and Touchdowns

September 25

my father died a year ago today
we were on our way to Colorado
to tell Micah about my diagnosis

he was a great man
the last time I saw him
I was visiting at Highgate
he was so happy to see me
he gave me such a big smile
I almost cried
the Mets won 17-1
on the day he died

I want to tell a story about him
when Stan was starting to date Pearl
he called her and she wasn't home
my aunt rose, my mother's younger sister
wouldn't take a message
'cause girls don't call boys

somehow they still got together
they met on the beach in Florida
Stan's pickup line was
to ask Pearl for a cigarette

September 27

I used to write
a reflection for the year
I have a lot to reflect on
it was the first anniversary
of my dad's death
looking at the yahrzeit candles
side by side set the tears rolling
mom and dad reunited

a lot has changed in the past year
I had my best night's sleep
in a long time after Kol Nidre services
I really enjoyed seeing everyone
the music, the rabbi's message
I shed a lot of tears
at the sight of friends
I hadn't seen in a while
I reflected about my life and death

September 28

the Big Horns won
their game this week 55-54
it was a barn burner
it went down to the final play
the Park City quarterback
tripped over his own player
and we sacked him
he tried to get up
and run another play
but the clock had expired
it was another one for the record books
Howie had three touchdowns
in the first half

October 2

I get closer to the end every day
we all do
I do not have the exclusive
on pain and discomfort
but I do have the right to complain
I can't eat anymore
brushing my teeth
has become torture
three times a day
my mouth muscles
no longer work
but I can still watch my son
catch miraculous touchdown passes
the meaning of life
is a mystery

See this newsreel for Howie Robin in action. . .