Tuesday, February 21, 2017


cousin Ruthie just left
it’s a beautiful sunny day
the wind blowing hard
the trees shaking
the rising sun shining through our window
the clouds moving swiftly across Ramshorn Peak
cars speeding by on the highway
the bend in the river
I am moving around in my chair trying to get comfortable
Jackie typing this as I talk

oh Ruthie
baby Ruth
when she was born
the firm where her father worked
gave him a giant Baby Ruth candy bar banner
they were the accountants for the Curtiss Candy Company

she arrived on Thursday morning
she made us dinner every night 
and breakfast every morning
she organized my bookcases 
and helped me pay our bills
we found her father’s college graduation photo 
among my books
we found a folder of memorabilia 
from his and her sister’s funeral
we talked and told stories
we watched crime shows on Netflix
we did New York Times crossword puzzles
we played Yahtzee and she won
oh Ruthie who looks so much like her father
my favorite uncle
more like a big brother to me
He took me to my first baseball card convention
where we confirmed the Ted Williams card
we possessed was worth fifty dollars

yesterday was a very busy day
Randy came up with a hospital bed
redid the demo power chair 
he is lending me until mine is ready
he fixed it so I can now move 
through the doorways of the rooms
he raised and narrowed the armrests
which is taking some time to get used to
Ruthie and I cleaned off the last bookcase 
to make room for the bed

today she took our  tax package
to our accountant on the way to the airport
when we said goodbye she said
you will need to write a poem for me
tears stinging my eyes as she left
one last horn beep as she pulled out of the driveway


Shabbat with Josh and Debby


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mr. Robin's Neighborhood


Mr. Robin’s Neighborhood.

We’ve been back home for a week now and I must say it’s been a rough go for me. The disease continues to progress.  I’m getting weaker, but trying to figure out ways to save my energy. We’ve been rearranging furniture to accommodate things like my power chair and soon a new bed. While we were away several friends renovated our bathroom so we now have a walk-in shower and a fancy bidet.  Every day a friend or two comes by to help keep things moving along.  Jackie is excited about the van we ordered. It will be here next week and will accommodate me and the power chair.

It’s been a bit of a warm snap in Big Sky and we have taken a couple of neighborhood walks in the sun always running into friends.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. . .

Howie flying his drone and taking video

night sky out our window

drone video

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pictures from the last few days

With brother Ben

At the country club with Henri and Rhoda Sue!

At their house!
Heading out for dinner last night
Cuban feast
Massage train with the besties

Sunrise on this beautiful morning
Watching the sunrise this morning

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



Had a great visit on Monday from Aunt Sylvia, Cousin Harriett and Cousin Helaine.
On Tuesday I had a very long massage and then went to the beach and then Micah arrived in the evening. We went for a very nice dinner at the Artisan Beach House Patio Restaurant at the Ritz. On Wednesday things took a funny turn. I woke up with my left leg being totally normal, but my right leg was very swollen with dull pain behind my knee. We suspected a blood clot and after breakfast we headed to Mount Sinai Hospital around noon. To make a long story short after discovering a blood clot in my right thigh all the way to the groin I was admitted to the hospital Wednesday night and we’ve been here since. I am on blood thinners and things are slowly getting better. After getting admitted into the hospital we decided to bring all the boys down to cheer us up!

Kathy came down from Boston to see me! It was so great to see her.


I was released from the hospital on Monday afternoon on blood thinners as the leg gets better. Will be on daily blood thinners indefinitely.   

Home sweet home enjoying Uber Eats!


Positive, a man on the pier at Bal Harbour breaking down his fishing rod, sees me with my family looking sad and says to me in a strong Spanish accent, can I give you my testimonial? Positive, positeev, positivity. I have chemo, stomach tumor, he pulls up his shirt and shows us his scar, I have surgery and they remove it, but it comes back, so now  I have more chemo, I have chemo today, and I come out here to fish, but my line breaks so I can’t fish, but who cares, I stay happy, it’s beautiful out, positive, positeev, positivity