Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mr. Robin's Neighborhood


Mr. Robin’s Neighborhood.

We’ve been back home for a week now and I must say it’s been a rough go for me. The disease continues to progress.  I’m getting weaker, but trying to figure out ways to save my energy. We’ve been rearranging furniture to accommodate things like my power chair and soon a new bed. While we were away several friends renovated our bathroom so we now have a walk-in shower and a fancy bidet.  Every day a friend or two comes by to help keep things moving along.  Jackie is excited about the van we ordered. It will be here next week and will accommodate me and the power chair.

It’s been a bit of a warm snap in Big Sky and we have taken a couple of neighborhood walks in the sun always running into friends.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. . .

Howie flying his drone and taking video

night sky out our window

drone video

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  1. Hey Mark...loved seeing these pictures. I'm really sorry and saddened to hear how tough its been for you since you've been home. Truly heartbreaking.

    I had tried to post earlier after our visit but didn't work so will try again. It was so wonderful to see you and your amazing family in Florida. Hearing Jackie laugh, getting to spend some quality time with her, and getting a glimpse of your smile was worth the trip. Seeing your kids love and nurture you will stay with me for a lifetime.