Thursday, June 30, 2011

My nephew Jackson must be reading William Carlos Williams:


I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

because he sent his Aunt Jackie this wonderful thank you card that we received today:

Aunt Jackie,

Thank you so much
getting me the bathing suit

I've been to the pool 5 times now
and worn it 3/5 times

I like the colors
how it goes down
to my thighs
and how it's a perfect tightness

Love, Jackson

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One year anniversary, Micah’s Bar Mitzvah

Jackie and Howie are in Colorado,

Andrew spent the night in Bozeman,

Micah is asleep downstairs

I hear Sham and Rashmi, our current couchsurfers, leave the house for Yellowstone.

I get out of bed, take shower, call the dogs for a walk.

Buddy follows me around gets so excited as I put my shoes on.

Murray lays motionless in her bed in our bedroom.

I leave the door open and walk Buddy down the driveway.

As I turn down the road I see Murray slowly walking down the driveway.

I breathe a sigh of relief, she is doing better today.

I walk Buddy down to the highway and then back to the house.

Murray is still in the driveway, but she has pooped so I go into the house to get a bag and go behind the house as well and pick up her old poops.

Then we go in the house and I give her her pills and some wet food.

I give Buddy some treats.

I take out the garbage, cleaning the kitty litter as well.

I empty the dishwasher.

I load the recycling into my car.

I drive off.

I go to recycling.

I park at the fire station, going to the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for kids with cancer.

I get my head shaved, I’m the last one to go.

Two 9 year old girls get their heads shaved as well.

I go over to see Stan, he is eating his breakfast at the table.

I give him his morning pills. I set up his pills for the week and discover that some of his pills for the next couple of days were set up wrong. I fix them.

He asks me to empty his dishwasher and make a white wash so I do.

I give him the day off from wearing his compression sock.

I check the t.v. for the Mets game and tell him the station and time of the game.

I then head over to the Friends of Senator Max Baucus brunch fundraiser.

I meet Senator Baucus and shake his hand.

I socialize and eat.

Then I head to the store.

I do the store recycling.

I run the front register, I work in produce, I restock beer and wine, I work.

I take a lunch break around 2:15 and bringing Stan and I a sandwich to share.

I put his white wash in the dryer.

We watch the Mets game together for a couple of innings. Mets are winning.

I go back to work, telling Dad to call me after the game and we can take a walk.

A friend of an old college friend who happens to be driving to Yellowstone from Seattle stops in with her family for lunch.

We visit and chat. We have never met before. She eats lunch with her family.

I run the register for a bit then go visit with her and her family for a bit.

She’s really nice and outgoing. Invites me to come to Seattle.

They leave, I go back to work.

I’m trying to help so my manager can get her orders done, but I’m terrible.

I keep abandoning my post and socializing. It’s not really that busy.

Around 4 pm Stan walks in. Mets won 8 – 5.

I take another break and Stan and I go out for a walk towards the river.

Then back to his condo. Then I go back to work.

I take out the cardboard. Micah longboards by.

I tell him to come back at 6 with his buddy Tanner who can sleep over our house.

At 6 pm I drive over to Stan’s.

Micah and Tanner longboard over to Stan’s and we head home.

Andrew is home hanging out with his girlfriend.

The dogs are just hanging out outside as well.

It’s a beautiful evening, Andrew says he just walked the dogs.

I give Murray her evening pills and feed her. I give Buddy treats.

I put the oven on, prepare some baked potatoes for the oven.

I have a beer.

I text with Jackie.

I make a big salad and prepare steak and chicken for the grill.

I take a 10 minute break and sit on the front porch in the sun.

I scribble about the day in my notebook.

I get Micah and Tanner to set the table and help get the final touches on dinner.

We all eat together.

Andrew and Taylor excuse themselves first, then after a bit Micah and Tanner.

Stan and I sit together for awhile. Dad ate very well, he has a good appetite.

I give him his evening pills.

I clean up.

Jackie calls and we talk for awhile. She is walking her brother’s dog.

I’m finishing cleaning up.

I drive Stan home, set up his pills for the morning, give him a big hug,

he’s exhausted, I say goodnight, he locks up behind me, I drive home.

Sham is in the driveway, they have returned from their day in the park.

Rashmi is already in bed. Sham visits with me as I sit at the kitchen table with my computer.

He tells me about his day in the park, he likes finishing my sentences.

I tell him about fly fishing and show him some pictures.

He’s a very sweet young man. He says good night and heads to bed.

I am writing this poem about my day, and then I am going to go to bed.

Well, maybe I’ll have a little ice cream first…

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm not sure where to begin... Maybe I should just share my traveling schedule since I returned from Micah's soccer tournament in Great Falls starting with the following Wednesday:

Wednesday 6/15/11: work at 6am, leave for Jackson, Wyoming to take Micah to ski camp at 1:30, arrive in Jackson at 5:15, hang out go to meeting, leave Jackson at 8pm and drive back to Big Sky.

Monday, 6/20: work at 6am, drive with Jackie through Yellowstone to pick up Micah in Jackson, leaving around 1:30, arrive for dinner around 5 pm, hang out turn around and drive back to Big Sky.

Tuesday, 6/21: work at 6am till about 3 pm, then off to Bozeman to see Howie play baseball, plus work chores, back to Big Sky late, ended up back at store, don't ask. Summer Solstice. It was a long day...

Thursday, 6/23: up at 5:30 am to take Andrew to freshman orientation at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Arrive at 12:30, for an afternoon of orientation.

Friday, 6/24: up at 7:30 for a full day of orientation. Drive back to Big Sky leaving around 5 pm, home by 11:00 pm. Back in my own bed for my first good nights sleep in forever.

Well that covers most of the driving, I'm pretty sure there were a couple of other round trips to Bozeman in there, but I do remember that last weekend which was father's day was a very mellow weekend at home where I practically did nothing, but hang out with Grandpa Stan and watch sports on t.v. especially the U.S. Open Golf Tournament.

Well, to say the least I'm tired. Lots of store openings in there as well. and phone calls. and texts, and dog walks, and feeding kids, and lots of hours working at the store and and and and to be honest I can't remember or don't want to remember...

Here's a poem I wrote at the beginning of Andrew's orientation:

"The Rehearsal"

University of Utah Parent Orientation, Room 2AB
(Andrew is downstairs for Student Orientation, Room 1AB)

and as we parted (student orientation vs. parent orientation)
he gently smirked and said "this is goodbye"

I smiled back and chuckled - "see you later"
and as I walked away
tears welled up in my eyes

Pictures from Micah's ski camp in the Tetons:

they were skiing up there somewhere...

Father's Day 2011

Notice the change in baseball jackets!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pictures from a weekend of sports

The weekend began Friday evening with Howie on the mound in Bozeman...

and the pitch...
Howie pitched 2 innings giving up a quick 2 runs in the first, and none in the second...

The mighty Howie up at bat...

yesterday he hit a triple to left and then stole home on the next pitch. His new nickname is Jose Reyes... or maybe it should be Jackie Robinson, oh yeah he is Jackie Robin's son...

and then the venue moved to Great Falls. Friday night while Howie was playing baseball Micah's team, the Belgrade Rage tied the Butte team in their first game of the Montana State Cup tournament...

It was a very exciting soccer weekend. On Saturday the Rage lost its first game to Flathead
2 - 1, Micah scoring our only goal, a huge disappointment. Then needing to win against Red Lodge and Butte to beat Flathead, the Rage beat Red Lodge 3 - 1, and Butte beat Flathead putting the Rage against Butte in the championship game on Sunday morning....

Howie and Lucy watching the championship game... with seconds left in the first half we scored making it 1 - 0. With only minutes left in the game the referee called a penalty kick against the Rage. Micah was in the goal. The Flathead player shot and it went off Micah's hand and into the net. 1 - 1. The Rage were on fire, earlier they had a goal taken away because of what appeared to be a bad off sides call. They felt they should have won 2 - 0 already, but the reality was a 1 - 1 tie after regulation.

After two 10 minute overtimes it was still tied 1 -1. Now it was time for a shoot out. Cooper was in the goal for the Rage for the shootout. Butte took a 3 -2 lead. Then Cooper put one in against the opposing goalie and then stopped the opposing goalie's shot on him. It was all tied up with 2 more shooters to go. The Rage scored. Flathead scored. The Rage scored and then the same player who scored on the penalty kick during the game shot the ball right at Cooper... and he stops it! Belgrade Rage Wins, RAGE WINS!!!! RAGE WINS!!!! The entire team put Cooper up on their shoulders and paraded on the field. Parents were running on the field jumping and screaming. I was shaking, holding back tears, and trying to remember how to breathe, so I didn't get any pictures until the coach handed out their first place medals...

THE BIG SKY BOYS, COOPER, HARRY (the birthday boy) and MICAH!!!! State Champs!

Sunday night, back at home in Big Sky....

and then full moon rising over Ramshorn this evening...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Micah's turn...

Micah's 8th graduation day. 26 kids, the largest Ophir graduating class by far in the history of Ophir School which will more than double the size of Lone Peak High in the fall graduated today. The praises of this class were sung loud and clear by all the teachers as one of the kindest, supportive, and loving classes. A class of kids that all cared about each other and pulled for each other, and helped each other and loved each other.

Mr. Harder, their 4th grade teacher and assistant basketball coach was called in to make the commencement address which included many many gems...highlighted by:

Mr Harder's Top Ten List To Get You Through Today (given of course in backwards order, plus he said he only had time for 8):

#6 TAKE TIME TO TASTE THE LEFTOVERS. - appreciate the people who do everyday things for you
#5 IF YOU HAVE TO FACEBOOK, don't Twitter - communicate one on one, face to face, it’s the only thing we have left, besides art, that really expresses how we feel. So tonight sit down with someone, use eye contact and observe their facial expressions as you tell them your dreams.
#3 HUGS!
#2 GO TO BED HAPPY - never go to bed angry at the people you love most.
#1 JUMP SHIP - Leaving negative, harmful, illogical situations is better than getting yourself wrapped up in them.

Jeremy also mentioned that this was the class that taught him 3 very important life skills: to be caring, compassionate and communicative...

And in Jeremy's closing... he mentions the greatness of this class,

As you have heard this morning, I remember you and the things you taught me, it was and still is the

greatness that empties out of you. This class permeates greatness; please remember this, if nothing

else today…GREATNESS.

Again thank you for this honor, may your moccasins take you down untraveled roads to magical places,

may you always walk in them down hill both ways, in the warm sunlight. May your soul shine, and may

your days be filled with greatness!

After Mr. Harder, Trevor House spoke as the 8th grade representative, speaking again of the closeness of this class, and how most of them have known each other since before kindergarden.

Ms. Breuner also thanked the class for taking her in as one of them and letting her be a part of their special family. She talked about all of their positive qualities and read these cards the kids made about each other, by wearing these cards on their backs and having each kid in the class write a word about each of their classmates...

Micah's card said "crazy!, crazy in a good way, great smile, funny, the best, really funny, skilled, big mountain skier, Grand!" Nettie's word for Micah was "insightful"

After Graduation we all headed over to the Half Moon where grandpa came to celebrate. I was too busy talking to people and kind of gave up taking pictures. We were a proud bunch of parents and teachers, just having a good time...

Maybe #9 was.... ALWAYS HAVE DESSERT!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation Day...

Andrew's Graduation Day... was another beautiful day, arriving to the fieldhouse at the same time as our good friends the Greenes, and finding seats together and just joining families. This text exchange with Andrew tells a lot of the excitement and fun that we were all having watching the graduates and listening to the speeches:

Me: So you know... We are up above the band sitting with the Greene Family. We will be sure to embarrass you when they call your name!

Me: Did you make it to graduation? Where are you?

Andrew: in on the far left right by some steps

Andrew: I mean far right, my bad

Me: Can you wave at mom?

Andrew: I think I just did

Me: Ok. Look up at us and smile so mom can take a picture with her zoom. And we thought Grandma Peggy was at Molly's graduation! Oh I guess I'm a slow texter, they already got your picture.

Andrew: Wait, Grandma's here?!

Me: Only in the form of your mother...

Andrew: Oh I got it ha

And so Andrew Robin is now a college graduate! After graduation Andrew went on his own to a bunch of parties. Jackie went and checked on Tracy at the hospital who was meeting her new son Brody when she arrived. Then we all went onto the Greene's and joined there family celebration. It was another beautiful sunny day, we just hung out in there back yard visiting, eating, drinking and generally relaxing.

On Monday we had a big graduation dinner with grandpa Stan and Patty, Kelly and Curly and Cooper, Lance, Harry and Lucy, and all of us at La Luna. It was really fun. Andrew has become a very composed, chill, sensible young man. I am truly very proud of him...

On Tuesday we had dinner with our french couchsurfers. Did I ever mention them? They arrived on Saturday and just left this morning. Super interesting people on a tour of the world spreading ecological sanity and conservation. They visited Yellowstone National Park all day Sunday and Monday leaving the house by 4 am to see the sunrise and getting home late in the evening. Tuesday it rained all day and they took a day of rest and hung around the house. We made a big dinner and hung out and got to know each other. Check out their website:

Manut and Andrew
The entire gang at dinner, Andrew, Man, Howie, Clemence, Manut, Jackie and Jules

At the computer, sharing websites, checking out facebook

Manut with her souvenir water bottle signed by her new friend Rick (me), addressed to her new nickname of Rita. For some reason she thought my name was Rick, and we decided because she washed so many dishes, that we nicknamed her after our nonexistent housekeeper named Rita...

So our lives have been a bit busy of late... This morning after a very busy evening of speaking french and getting to know our new friends Jackie, on 2 hours sleep left the house for the airport. She is now in Michigan for her 30th high school renunion. Tonight Lance had an 8th grade graduation party at his house, and tomorrow morning is Micah and all his classmates' 8th grade graduation ceremony with a party to follow... The fun never stops.