Sunday, June 26, 2011

One year anniversary, Micah’s Bar Mitzvah

Jackie and Howie are in Colorado,

Andrew spent the night in Bozeman,

Micah is asleep downstairs

I hear Sham and Rashmi, our current couchsurfers, leave the house for Yellowstone.

I get out of bed, take shower, call the dogs for a walk.

Buddy follows me around gets so excited as I put my shoes on.

Murray lays motionless in her bed in our bedroom.

I leave the door open and walk Buddy down the driveway.

As I turn down the road I see Murray slowly walking down the driveway.

I breathe a sigh of relief, she is doing better today.

I walk Buddy down to the highway and then back to the house.

Murray is still in the driveway, but she has pooped so I go into the house to get a bag and go behind the house as well and pick up her old poops.

Then we go in the house and I give her her pills and some wet food.

I give Buddy some treats.

I take out the garbage, cleaning the kitty litter as well.

I empty the dishwasher.

I load the recycling into my car.

I drive off.

I go to recycling.

I park at the fire station, going to the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for kids with cancer.

I get my head shaved, I’m the last one to go.

Two 9 year old girls get their heads shaved as well.

I go over to see Stan, he is eating his breakfast at the table.

I give him his morning pills. I set up his pills for the week and discover that some of his pills for the next couple of days were set up wrong. I fix them.

He asks me to empty his dishwasher and make a white wash so I do.

I give him the day off from wearing his compression sock.

I check the t.v. for the Mets game and tell him the station and time of the game.

I then head over to the Friends of Senator Max Baucus brunch fundraiser.

I meet Senator Baucus and shake his hand.

I socialize and eat.

Then I head to the store.

I do the store recycling.

I run the front register, I work in produce, I restock beer and wine, I work.

I take a lunch break around 2:15 and bringing Stan and I a sandwich to share.

I put his white wash in the dryer.

We watch the Mets game together for a couple of innings. Mets are winning.

I go back to work, telling Dad to call me after the game and we can take a walk.

A friend of an old college friend who happens to be driving to Yellowstone from Seattle stops in with her family for lunch.

We visit and chat. We have never met before. She eats lunch with her family.

I run the register for a bit then go visit with her and her family for a bit.

She’s really nice and outgoing. Invites me to come to Seattle.

They leave, I go back to work.

I’m trying to help so my manager can get her orders done, but I’m terrible.

I keep abandoning my post and socializing. It’s not really that busy.

Around 4 pm Stan walks in. Mets won 8 – 5.

I take another break and Stan and I go out for a walk towards the river.

Then back to his condo. Then I go back to work.

I take out the cardboard. Micah longboards by.

I tell him to come back at 6 with his buddy Tanner who can sleep over our house.

At 6 pm I drive over to Stan’s.

Micah and Tanner longboard over to Stan’s and we head home.

Andrew is home hanging out with his girlfriend.

The dogs are just hanging out outside as well.

It’s a beautiful evening, Andrew says he just walked the dogs.

I give Murray her evening pills and feed her. I give Buddy treats.

I put the oven on, prepare some baked potatoes for the oven.

I have a beer.

I text with Jackie.

I make a big salad and prepare steak and chicken for the grill.

I take a 10 minute break and sit on the front porch in the sun.

I scribble about the day in my notebook.

I get Micah and Tanner to set the table and help get the final touches on dinner.

We all eat together.

Andrew and Taylor excuse themselves first, then after a bit Micah and Tanner.

Stan and I sit together for awhile. Dad ate very well, he has a good appetite.

I give him his evening pills.

I clean up.

Jackie calls and we talk for awhile. She is walking her brother’s dog.

I’m finishing cleaning up.

I drive Stan home, set up his pills for the morning, give him a big hug,

he’s exhausted, I say goodnight, he locks up behind me, I drive home.

Sham is in the driveway, they have returned from their day in the park.

Rashmi is already in bed. Sham visits with me as I sit at the kitchen table with my computer.

He tells me about his day in the park, he likes finishing my sentences.

I tell him about fly fishing and show him some pictures.

He’s a very sweet young man. He says good night and heads to bed.

I am writing this poem about my day, and then I am going to go to bed.

Well, maybe I’ll have a little ice cream first…

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