Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation Day...

Andrew's Graduation Day... was another beautiful day, arriving to the fieldhouse at the same time as our good friends the Greenes, and finding seats together and just joining families. This text exchange with Andrew tells a lot of the excitement and fun that we were all having watching the graduates and listening to the speeches:

Me: So you know... We are up above the band sitting with the Greene Family. We will be sure to embarrass you when they call your name!

Me: Did you make it to graduation? Where are you?

Andrew: in on the far left right by some steps

Andrew: I mean far right, my bad

Me: Can you wave at mom?

Andrew: I think I just did

Me: Ok. Look up at us and smile so mom can take a picture with her zoom. And we thought Grandma Peggy was at Molly's graduation! Oh I guess I'm a slow texter, they already got your picture.

Andrew: Wait, Grandma's here?!

Me: Only in the form of your mother...

Andrew: Oh I got it ha

And so Andrew Robin is now a college graduate! After graduation Andrew went on his own to a bunch of parties. Jackie went and checked on Tracy at the hospital who was meeting her new son Brody when she arrived. Then we all went onto the Greene's and joined there family celebration. It was another beautiful sunny day, we just hung out in there back yard visiting, eating, drinking and generally relaxing.

On Monday we had a big graduation dinner with grandpa Stan and Patty, Kelly and Curly and Cooper, Lance, Harry and Lucy, and all of us at La Luna. It was really fun. Andrew has become a very composed, chill, sensible young man. I am truly very proud of him...

On Tuesday we had dinner with our french couchsurfers. Did I ever mention them? They arrived on Saturday and just left this morning. Super interesting people on a tour of the world spreading ecological sanity and conservation. They visited Yellowstone National Park all day Sunday and Monday leaving the house by 4 am to see the sunrise and getting home late in the evening. Tuesday it rained all day and they took a day of rest and hung around the house. We made a big dinner and hung out and got to know each other. Check out their website:

Manut and Andrew
The entire gang at dinner, Andrew, Man, Howie, Clemence, Manut, Jackie and Jules

At the computer, sharing websites, checking out facebook

Manut with her souvenir water bottle signed by her new friend Rick (me), addressed to her new nickname of Rita. For some reason she thought my name was Rick, and we decided because she washed so many dishes, that we nicknamed her after our nonexistent housekeeper named Rita...

So our lives have been a bit busy of late... This morning after a very busy evening of speaking french and getting to know our new friends Jackie, on 2 hours sleep left the house for the airport. She is now in Michigan for her 30th high school renunion. Tonight Lance had an 8th grade graduation party at his house, and tomorrow morning is Micah and all his classmates' 8th grade graduation ceremony with a party to follow... The fun never stops.

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