Thursday, June 9, 2011

Micah's turn...

Micah's 8th graduation day. 26 kids, the largest Ophir graduating class by far in the history of Ophir School which will more than double the size of Lone Peak High in the fall graduated today. The praises of this class were sung loud and clear by all the teachers as one of the kindest, supportive, and loving classes. A class of kids that all cared about each other and pulled for each other, and helped each other and loved each other.

Mr. Harder, their 4th grade teacher and assistant basketball coach was called in to make the commencement address which included many many gems...highlighted by:

Mr Harder's Top Ten List To Get You Through Today (given of course in backwards order, plus he said he only had time for 8):

#6 TAKE TIME TO TASTE THE LEFTOVERS. - appreciate the people who do everyday things for you
#5 IF YOU HAVE TO FACEBOOK, don't Twitter - communicate one on one, face to face, it’s the only thing we have left, besides art, that really expresses how we feel. So tonight sit down with someone, use eye contact and observe their facial expressions as you tell them your dreams.
#3 HUGS!
#2 GO TO BED HAPPY - never go to bed angry at the people you love most.
#1 JUMP SHIP - Leaving negative, harmful, illogical situations is better than getting yourself wrapped up in them.

Jeremy also mentioned that this was the class that taught him 3 very important life skills: to be caring, compassionate and communicative...

And in Jeremy's closing... he mentions the greatness of this class,

As you have heard this morning, I remember you and the things you taught me, it was and still is the

greatness that empties out of you. This class permeates greatness; please remember this, if nothing

else today…GREATNESS.

Again thank you for this honor, may your moccasins take you down untraveled roads to magical places,

may you always walk in them down hill both ways, in the warm sunlight. May your soul shine, and may

your days be filled with greatness!

After Mr. Harder, Trevor House spoke as the 8th grade representative, speaking again of the closeness of this class, and how most of them have known each other since before kindergarden.

Ms. Breuner also thanked the class for taking her in as one of them and letting her be a part of their special family. She talked about all of their positive qualities and read these cards the kids made about each other, by wearing these cards on their backs and having each kid in the class write a word about each of their classmates...

Micah's card said "crazy!, crazy in a good way, great smile, funny, the best, really funny, skilled, big mountain skier, Grand!" Nettie's word for Micah was "insightful"

After Graduation we all headed over to the Half Moon where grandpa came to celebrate. I was too busy talking to people and kind of gave up taking pictures. We were a proud bunch of parents and teachers, just having a good time...

Maybe #9 was.... ALWAYS HAVE DESSERT!!!

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