Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Jackie’s Dad

still selling pools at 78
on the phone with customers 
once in awhile

hard of hearing
my voice so soft
I’m not sure
he heard a word I said

very attentive
to my needs
he fed me
with shaking hands
rubbed my feet
for hours on end

chief dish and bottle washer
as soon as we finished eating
the dirty plate disappeared
into the sink or dishwasher

Uncle Gordie

Jack’s youngest brother
59 year old
retired hockey player
we woke him up
during the night
for transfers to the commode

asked a lot of questions
was so helpful
when they left on Sunday
Gordie said to me
with a tear in his eye
before this visit I liked you
now I love you

he left me
an autographed photo
that said
My hero. Stay strong

The Morris Family

On Saturday night
in a snowstorm
Jackie, Gordie, Jack and I
went to the Morris’ new home
for dinner
their four kids had a welcome sign
above the front door

when we arrived
we discovered there were
two steps into the house
Heather was thinking when I asked
they had a flat entry
but no, the two steps were there
the driveway was full of snow and mud
totally dejected
I was ready to turn back for home

Jackie’s resilience plus
Matt and Heather’s determination
figured out a way in
through the garage
frantic moving of their car
and other items in the garage
allowed Jackie to manouvre
the van into a spot
where the ramp
could unload onto one step
enabling me and
my 500 pound
power chair
to enter the house

what a beautiful home
though I only saw the first floor

after getting into the house
I needed a break
so I went upside down
in a room off the living room
but everyone followed me in there
so excited to see me
in their home

dinner was delicious
Heather fed me
with such pleasure
even though I insisted
she didn’t eat a thing

the dinner conversation
turned from baseball to hockey
Jack told old time hockey stories
about himself, the young Gordie
and their dad

the four Morris kids 10 and under
paraded through the house
with smiles on their faces
joy in their hearts

it was an amazing evening


the next day Jackie, Howie and I
went out for dinner
spontaneously for Mother’s Day

arriving outside
the restaurant
I rolled out of the van
who was there
but the Morris family

the kids with big smiles
Heather with kisses
Matt with a hey buddy

Karin and Jason and their kids
were there as well
more smiles and kisses

the restaurant was full of locals
I was overwhelmed with love


in the morning
Candice came into our room
in tears, exhausted from the night
to help me get to the commode

Jackie wished Candice
Happy Mother’s Day
she burst into more tears
we were all crying
Jackie gave her a big hug
I gave her some kisses

we ended up spending the day together
taking a trip to Harbor’s tree
in the Big Sky community park
by the ball fields

Candice hung a dream catcher
and Tibetan prayer flags
Buddy jumped up on the tree
as if playing with Harbor

we took a walk along the river
talked about Harbor
learned he had a Paris pen pal
a boy he met in a Moab Brewery
I looked at the river
reminiscing of my fly fishing days

when we got back to the car
I looked at Jackie and said
let’s go out for dinner

it’s Mother’s Day


  1. So precious of you to honor the Morhers in your life, Mark! Ever the beautiful soul❤️

  2. It sounds like you had a very full Mother's Day. I am so glad Jackie's Dad and uncle were able to come out and spend some time with you. Keep those blogposts coming!

  3. loss so absolute
    brings gains immeasurable
    we answer your call

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Gorgeous photos of gorgeous people! Love you! Ha! Message not on email! I DID it!
    Besitos. 5 short weeks I see you❤️