Friday, May 12, 2017

Just Another Day

yesterday began
with my appointment 
with my urologist
on Tuesday I had 
a very uncomfortable
test of my bladder
Dr. Sauerwein 
had the results in hand

my bladder has been 
weakened by the ALS
I needed a 
supra “duper” pubic catheter
a permanent catheter 
installed in my belly
he’s going to do this next Thursday

the following week
I’ll be in Salt Lake City
getting a feeding tube installed
and attending my
second ALS clinic

the old in and out
feeding tube
on one side
of my belly
a pee tube on the other

after our appointment
we met Gail
at Sunset Hills Cemetery
behind Lindley Park
Gail had options
picked out for me
in the Jewish section

the grass was bright green
surrounded by trees
Gail explained to us
she had visited
at different
times of the day
the plots we were looking at
had shade from a tall pine tree
in the afternoon

we could install
a nice stone bench
under the tree
we discussed the
feng shui of the spot
settled on 4 plots
by the tree

I had decided earlier
I preferred burial to cremation
I am a traditional guy
once decision was made
it was time for lunch
four of us
to Starky’s Deli
jackie’s dad and uncle
visiting us for the week
joined us for the day
matzoh ball soup and a corned beef sandwich

owned by friends of ours
who had no idea about me
they were in shock
sat with us as much as they could
ended up buying us lunch
with a note on the bill
that said, “Do not argue!
We are honored that you came
to lunch w/us!”

after our long meal
a trip to the courthouse
they did not accept my vote
last election even though
Jackie included
her power of attorney
there was a form
I needed to fill out
ironic since I can’t write anymore

finally an unplanned
visit to Gail and Alex’s
so I could ventilate
exhausted from the day
I laid in my power chair
in their relaxation room
surrounded by art
while Jackie
rubbed my feet

stopped to pick up
Jack and Gordie
at the downtown brew pub
we didn’t get home
until almost 9 pm

just another day

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