Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I was walking in the neighborhood with Laura
Karin and Jason drove by
they pulled over
got out of their car
as did their kids

Karin was so happy to see me
she was crying
they told me I inspire them
they were living their lives differently now

Jason told me they read
my hospital post
on Tuesday
bought Karin a plane ticket
on Wednesday
she flew to Austin
on Thursday

she sang in a studio
for the first time
original music
written by a friend

My Little Secrets by mostlygood on #SoundCloud

*Here are the lyrics:

If I hurt myself today would you notice
just a little tiny cut on my thigh
Just a little tiny hole in my heart
My Little secrets my little secrets my little secrets                  Make me lie

If I scream in the darkness will you feel me
like a reckless shard of glass in your eye like a reckless pointy spur in your back my little secrets   my little secrets   
my little secrets               make me lie
I stole the hope from your innocent blue eyes
my little secrets my little secrets never die
now you're tangled in my twisted web of lies
just when you see the light I've got one more surprise

If I curl up in a ball will you keep me
I'll be writhing naked ball on your floor I'll be a writhing iron shackle in your life my little secrets my little secrets
my little secrets                  make me a lie

(guitarist Mike McKinley)


  1. Thank you, Mark. Thank you for bringing your "secrets" to light with this blog. It continues to inspire me to share mine. You are a courageous soul!

  2. I second Karin's sentiments. Mark, you are so inspiring to so many in our community. Thank you! We think of you every single day and are inspired to live life with more soul shine. xoxo.