Sunday, May 21, 2017

Operation Free Willy

Friday at 11:30 am
we headed to Bozeman
for my supra pubic catheter

the procedure was scheduled for 1:00 pm
we arrived early
for a change

Hanna, our nurse for the day
found us in the waiting room
took us away
to our small triage room
Hanna clamped down
my Foley catheter
she gave me an IV
in case I needed pain killers
met with the doctor
who went over the procedure with us

after that we went to radiology
there were at least six people
in the operation room
working on me
two guys from radiology hoisted me
on to the table from my power chair
firing up my shoulders

the clamp came undone
they had to put liquid into my bladder
computers showing x-rays into my body
hovered above

I was on my ventilator
breathing steadily
Cara, the second nurse
massaged my feet
Hanna, my cheerleader, kept
telling me how good I was doing

the doctor proceeded steadily
starting with local anesthetic
putting a hole through my waist
into my bladder

Hanna announced
the procedure was complete
she told me I had something on Jackie
I had done the procedure with no pain meds
Cara removed the Foley catheter
Willy was free

Jackie and Tracy came out
from behind the window and joined me
this time we put on a gait belt
the two guys from radiology
hoisted me back into my power chair


today is Sunday
I am still very sore
at the incision

Mimi and Kathy
arrived late Friday night
have been helping
with my recovery

Micah arrived late on Thursday
driving 15 hours home from college
in the snow and rain
he too has been helping

last night I moaned and groaned
all night long
as Kathy and Mimi
took turns
trying to make me comfortable

I’m impossible


I’m nervous about Salt Lake City
we leave on Tuesday
clinic on Wednesday
PEG tube on Thursday
home on Friday

I’m still not recovered from
the supra pubic catheter
yet I’m scheduled
for more

say a prayer for me
wish me good luck
I’m sure I’ll be fine
but I could use all the help I can get

in the meantime
Willy is free


  1. Praying for you, Mark. Today and every day. Good luck in SLC!

  2. Stay strong and positive! I will be sending you continuous prayers and thoughts while you are away! XXOO

  3. We continue to pray for you every day, Uncle Mark. Sending all our love from MSU <3

  4. Thinking of you and family as always! You, jackie, Andrew, Micah and howie have shown amazing strength and I know that strength will continue! Besitos 😘😘😘😘😘 safe travels and procedures....πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  5. Sending lots of love and prayers your way.

  6. Glad Willy is free! Good luck In Salt Lake. We'll be sending positive vibes your way. Love you all.

  7. You are at the top of my daily prayer list! I carry you with me often....
    I send peace, stregnth, healing, courage and pain relief.
    Stay in today. You do not have the Grace yet for Salt Lake. Grace will be there to cover you at that time😘

  8. Good luck Mark!! I always have you and the whole family in my prayers. When you get back I'd love to rub those feet?
    Morgen Ayres

  9. Praying for you Mark! sending lots of love to you. We will see you this Friday at WMPAC.

  10. Mark,
    I just heard about your diagnosis and am so sorry to hear. I just spent some time reading your blog and glad to see you are still a very happy and outgoing person. My prayers are with you and your family, that you have the strength and healing to get through this. Keep up the positive outlook. From my time at the Moose when I lived out there you were always a pleasure to talk with. You and Jackie are some of my fond memories from there. I will be sire to visit when come out. Best wishes, Chelsea and Chris

  11. And the next family movie night.... 🐳
    Continuing to keep you at the top of our prayer list by three, with special attention to safe travel and a successful procedure in Salt Lake City.

  12. Howard and I are thinking of you and the family. Your writings are honest and thoughtful. You are incredibly brave and your positive thoughts will carry you through the day. Good Shabbos.

  13. Dear Mark and Jackie, My heart goes out for you my dear friend. You have more strength than I can imagine. You are my hero and I think of you every day, dear Moshe ben Pearla. Fondly with love, MARC and JOY and Mayer