Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day BBQ

the Rowley-Middletons
built me a ramp
so I could actually
get into their house
onto their back porch
to see the river rushing by
work on my tan
enjoy the sunny warm
unusual spring weather

now I have another house
I can get into
thank god for good friends

Howie's back from skiing in the Beartooths

Hanging out with Debby and Juliana
Getting some love from Barbara with Renee and Emma
Visiting with Renee on the back porch
Getting some love from Buddy
Getting some love from Jackie
The dinner scene


  1. Hello Mark. There may not be a ramp to get into our home - but your blogs bring you to us each time we read them. Wish we could spirit you here in person, to sit and watch the Vltava river near our place. Sending hugs.
    Jenny and Alan R xoxo

  2. I had not thought about isolation due to access. Leave it to the Rowley Middleton clan to have thought and acted on it! Dinners with friends are good for the stomach and soul! Glad to see all around one of my favorite tables!

  3. Hey, Mark! Thanks for your posts. Sounds like a great Spring outing. We think of you often and hope to get out for a visit soon. Scott C

  4. Hey Mark!
    Happy to read the latest news on your access!! Wonderful that you've got people to do that for you. Think about you a lot and remember the fun we had the night in the hot tub staring at the stars together on a cold winter night and talking into the night with Stacey & Jackie. Lots of love sent your way!! I so appreciate your posts and your ability to write about your experience.