Friday, June 2, 2017

I Am Buddy

I’m so confused
my dad can’t get out of bed
when he does
he gets into this fancy chair
that moves on its own
sometimes it almost runs me over

I get up on the bed
lick his face
when I used to do that
he’d get up and take me for a walk

I wander the neighborhood
I go from house to house
looking for treats
I know Fish will always 
have one for me

my next door neighbor
has two kids who feed me
table scraps
I love it there
often I sleep on their couch

I sleep in our driveway
I bark at all the people
visiting our busy house

today I barked at
the delivery guy
bringing a new patio door
so my dad
can go on the back porch

sometimes I get confused
about who my friends are
I bare my teeth
bark loudly
at people I care about
I should know better

my family
went to Salt Lake City
so my dad could get a feeding tube
I went to Barbara and Taylor’s house
in their backyard was a moose
with a big rack
I tried to chase him away
but he was not afraid of me

Katie risked her life
saved me from the moose
who was about to stomp on me

yesterday during a storm
I ran all the way
to the opposite side of the neighborhood

everybody knows me
so I sat on a stoop
until Pride let me in

today I ran away again
Jill found me
on my way to the highway
she let me in her car
drove me home
but I wouldn’t get out of the car

she came into the house
looking for help
even Howie couldn't 
get me out of the car
I snarled
I grit my teeth
I made terrible sounds

Michele pushed me out
by using a broom
that’s degrading

today my dad finally
took me for a walk
I chased a pick-up truck
showed it a thing or two

when my family
got me from the pound
eight years ago
my name was Biggie
because I’m a big dog
in a small body

Freddy, the dog down the street
is ten times my size
but I chase him
all over the place 

if my family
would pay more attention
to me
I might settle down
but until then
I’m going to wander


  1. Love this! And great pictures of the toughest dog around!

  2. Love that dog--although he is quite a ruckus. He was so set on attacking the moose that was 20times his size that afterward he continued to bark out the window at it. xoxo Kate M

  3. Hi Buddy, I miss sitting in the front seat with you and having you take up all the space......Also miss snuggling with you in the driveway xo

  4. This is so perfectly Buddy, love this and love you both!!

  5. Hi Mark, Brian and I are missing out on being able to give you our love in person. But we do love you very much, and embrace you and the rest of the family with all our hearts. Sending kisses and hugs from Berlin. Donna and Brian

  6. Dogs are so sensitive to their people; I'm sorry Buddy seems so stressed out. But, he's one tough nut...just like his old man....