Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On The Back Porch

a red tail hawk
in the white puffy clouds
soars up high
into the sunny pale blue sky
where it circles slowly
enjoying the windless time

suddenly it disappears
five minutes later
I find it flying
over the grassy hill and trees
across the highway
over the brown river

the river turned brown
because of last nights rain

swallows fly around the house
the trees in the yard
the unmade trampoline
the recently mowed green grass lawn

I am sitting on the back porch
for the first time
since I got my power chair

it has been at least six months
I could not get through the door
Josh and Todd put in a wider door

now I can enjoy the sunshine
fresh air
by simply rolling out on the back porch

a mountain bluebird
quickly flies by


  1. Very peaceful and beautiful. Glad you can get yourself outside..xo

  2. So glad you can get outside more easily now and enjoy that beautiful view!!! Hugs from Ann Arbor ...

  3. What a beautiful view. So glad they were able to make that happen. Fresh air can be magical. Much Love!!!

  4. Hi Mark, Chris and I (Pat) came to xcountryski at Big ski for years. We so remember your hungry moose grocery store when you were in that small place. We were back and forth from the south, but we came every year and always shopped at the hungry moose . We finally moved here , but in west Yellowstone. When we came to see you we found you had moved up town in a bigger store. We later found out you had another store. We came to your store a few times saw you and your wife. Than the next few times we didn't see you. We did miss our chats . God bless you Mark

  5. So happy you are getting to enjoy the beautiful weather. Thinking of you and your family, and hope to see you at the 1st concert- soul shine celebration!!!
    Love from the Trulens

  6. Much to be seen from that vantage point and glad to see you there....