Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Friday I Went Fishing or My First Eye Gaze Poem

I went fishing
Curly bought me a license
but Renee insisted on paying for it

We went to the green bridge 
to meet Ben and Alex
but the handicap access
was gone
there was no room for me 
on the bridge
so I suggested we go 
to Moose Creek

the handicap access
was no longer there 
but we rolled on the grass
To the river’s edge
where I could watch
Ben and Alex catch fish

Alex gave me full credit
for his big fish
because I picked the spot


  1. Beautiful. PS - Syd wears his Soul Shine shirt daily.... I may need to get him a few more!

  2. ❤️So awesome to see you at the river!

  3. So happy that you spent time on the river! The Task Force is working with the Forest Service on lots of improvement projects to river access sites and i will make sure that a new handicap access site is part of the plan for the near future. Perhaps we could name it the Soul Shine Fishing Access Site.....xoxo

  4. Maybe I can take you fishing when I come for a visit! Arriving July 20! Please keep writing..