Saturday, July 1, 2017

An Eye Gaze Poem For Jackie

Jackie asked me to write her a poem on the eye gaze while she took her mom and Auntie Em to the airport. This is what I wrote: 

A Poem for Jackie

you are taking your mom and Auntie Em
to the airport
the last of the soul shine family guests
over a week past

what a weekend soul shine was
a blur of love
let me try to remember
some of the moments

Soul Shine morning
being surprised
by cousin Ruthie

we stood on stage
in front of three thousand
supporters yelling
we love you, Marky Moose

our new meditation garden
with the trees in memory of loved ones
a view of ramshorn peak

Friday night’s Shabbat dinner
with all the intimates
the cool evening sent me
to the open garage
with the heater
from our back porch

one by one
the relatives left
starting on Saturday

Saturday night
the Robin cousins
the younger generation
were in charge of dinner

they went with an Israeli theme
falafel and schnitzel
the chatter from the kitchen
never stopped
my voice was impossible to hear
dinner was delicious

the entire weekend was magical
everybody’s soul shined


  1. I am so happy to hear that the eye gaze technology is working well! What a weekend Soul Shine was-- a good reminder of how much our community rallies behind those we love. Sending love and well wishes.

  2. Mark, your spirit and soul shine brightest of all. That you continue to find joy and feel gratitude for your life, even as your world continues to compress, is a source of profound inspiration to me, as I know it is to the many, many people who love you and whose lives you have touched. When you cross over, there will be such an explosion of love and homecoming, the sky will be filled with more shooting stars than even Big Sky has ever seen.I wish you so much love, and to Jackie and your wonderful boys, and Buddy too. Karen Cooper (Leo's daughter)