Monday, July 10, 2017

Awesome Ain't Easy

I never thought I’d see
Ousel Falls again
but I wanted to take
David and Chris
my two college buddies
in town for a quick
two day visit

the only handicap
accessible trail in big sky

we left the house after four
as soon as I got outside
onto our driveway
we were greeted by thunder

when we arrived at the trailhead
it was still iffy out
so Chris carried our umbrella

then we discovered
the path had built-in log
obstacles to my power chair

in order to get over the logs
everyone was needed
someone held my shoulders
someone drove
someone else held my other shoulder
someone else tried to keep
my power chair on the path
someone else stood on top
of the big branch we found
on the trail
which we carried with us
someone else videoed 

 still my head got bonked every time
into my head rest on the chair
we had to speed up
to get over each log
I got thrown all over the place
but I got there
in one piece

we hung out at the falls
for quite awhile
I was amazed that I was there

on the return
we had to manage our way
back over each log

towards the end
Micah noticed
the chair was almost
out of power

we sped over
the last log
at the top of the trail
the chair died

we had to push the chair in manual
for the rest of the way
to get up the ramp into the van

we sent Micah home
to get the charger
we went up the mountain
to show Chris and David the mountain store

to top off an already epic day
we went to Curly’s restaurant
The Cabin for dinner
David and Chris loved the food
loved the atmosphere
especially the animal heads on the wall
authentic Montana

the night before
we went to Rainbow Ranch
for the music and happy hour
after dinner
we went to the fire pit by the river
David had his travel guitar
serenaded us for the rest of the evening

it was an amazing visit


  1. Great post! I can practically hear David strumming and singing as I read. Much love, Danny J.

  2. I love this one, featuring the brute force approach to getting to your destination with old friends and pushing the power chair to the max. Plus Ousel Falls and The Cabin are two of my favorite places in Big Sky, after the Moose, of course! Loving you from MA, Carolyn