Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Run, A Wedding , An Infection and An Injection

Harbor’s Hero Run

we arrived at the same time
as Candice
just in time
for the color guard
by the local boy scouts
Harbor’s classmates
the scout leader shouted out
friends of Harbor
Marky Moose
I burst into tears

the race began
Jackie ran my chair
off we went
up and down
over pot holes
Candice running by my side
Nettie and Ben Q too

it was hard on my body
being thrown sideways
by the cracks in the road

just before the finish
we parted the ice cream line
that was crossing the road
everyone clapped and cheered
the real finish line
was just ahead
more cheers and a photo op

I was exhausted
even though I was sitting the whole time
after the thrill of the finish
I burst into tears again

then held court at the covered bus stop
some of our staff came to say hello
other friends stopped by

Kristin and her eight month old
daughter, Freyja Harbor
born on Harbor’s birthday
hung out with us

Kristin let me hold Freyja
even though I can’t hold anything
Freyja ripped off my sunglasses
God Bless her

Shannon and Tyler’s Wedding

on the same day
we had a four o’clock wedding
it was a fast turn around
but I was determined

somehow we hit the road
by four o’oclock
the wedding was an hour away
we didn’t want to miss the ceremony
arrived just in time
greeted by the parents of the groom
the venue was on grass
so I was thrown around
in my chair some more

the ceremony was super sweet
Shannon was so excited
she kept pumping her fists

on to the reception
over more grass
we sat at a table outside
a short distance away
from the pavilion

Shannon and Tyler made their way
over to say hello
Tyler kept saying
how much it meant to them that we were there
Shannon kept kissing me
saying I love you

a young couple from Big Sky
came over to say hello
Holly told me
she had asked me
years ago
to sponsor
her Artscape project
for outdoor art

she told me
I changed her life
when I told her back then
I would sponsor her project
because she was persistent

her husband Matt who we knew
because he painted the walls
of the mountain store
told me it helped him as well
because he got to do his art outside

we drifted over to the pavilion
where we watched
Shannon and Tyler’s first dance
a super slow start that turned into
a lively choreographed performance
by the bride and groom
and the wedding party
it was so special
I felt honored to see it

The Infection

on Sunday I woke up
with a fever, chills and a racing heartrate.
turns out it was a UTI
when you have a catheter

as great as Saturday was
Sunday was awful
eventually Dr. Daniels
prescribed an antibiotic
paid us a housecall
by Monday I was feeling better
though my low grade fever
still persists

The Injection

my shoulders have been killing me
I also have pain in my biceps and triceps
At the ALS clinic in Salt Lake
the PT and doctor told me to get cortisone shots
two weeks later with no reduction in pain
I finally went in to see the orthopedic PA
Jackie, Micah and I were in the van by 7:30 on Friday
Got the shots. Shoulder pain less
but biceps and triceps
still ache and sometimes fire
they are super tight
and keep me up at night


  1. Read your story, Mark. I am uplifted by your words. And, by the way I never thought you were a grumpy grocer. I admired you and Jackie and your tenacity. Don't tell Jackie, but I always had a crunch (crush) on you. Giggle! Keep up the "Positive mental attitude". Peace and light, Jennifer