Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve, the 8th night of Hanukkah

After my morning routine
I was walking to my spot at the table
when Buddy cut in front of me
and sent me to the floor
not the best way to start the day
but I brushed it off
only an armpit bruise
always my left side
got up from the floor
and sat at the table
for a family breakfast

then it was off to work
arriving at the store at noon
John and Laura happened to be in the parking lot
on their way to ski
and they helped manipulate me from the car
to my corner seat in the dining area
where I visited with random customers
watched the crazy busyness of the store
visited with staff, commending them on their hard work
going over some details, trying to stay in the game
I asked them to clean off tables
as deli dining customers came and went
I watched the delivery drivers bring in handtruck
after handtruck full of beer and wine
I watched Quin try to help get it all put away
in a somewhat organized fashion
almost an impossible task
I watched as customers shopped the wine section
my pride and joy
I sat in the corner out of the way and watched
the store spinning before my eyes

after an hour or so
during a slight lull
Ben helped me up slowly and carefully
I found my balance
Ben helped clear
a path to the rest room for me
he did some work on the back computer
with my direction
on the way back to my corner
things were getting crazy
and it was a little scary
through all the narrow aisle
between the deli counter, the stacks of xmas candy,
the wine stacks, the card racks
the tower of beer, the lines of customers at the registers
the tables full of customers
I created a monster
but I got back safely to my corner
and continued my watching and visiting

at around 3 pm there was a sudden rush
of visitors and the store was swirling with activity
I had not seen Jackie once since we arrived
I asked Marla who was visiting with me to find her
other friends sat down with me
I was overhwelmed
my voice was very tired
my feet were very cold
I needed to pee again
I was hungry
I needed to go home

so Ben, Jackie, Marla, Howard and Elise
all escorted me to the car
I was shaky, unstable, cold
they got me into the car
I was almost in tears

Jackie took me home, Marla followed
at home, first the bathroom
then bed
Marla prepared me some lunch
and prepped our New Year’s Eve dinner
I rested and read in bed

and answered texts
and called the mountain store
to help try to fix a cash register printer
Howie got home

at 5:11 pm
Jackie sent me a text about the moon:

the moon is a tiny sliver
a new moon and a new year
I love you so much
we will have a great year ahead
we will fill it with so much love and fun.
(lots of emogis 2017 hearts)

I texted her back:
Love you too. I’ll go look outside
Howie just got home.
I’m gonna get out of bed
(then some work stuff)
The moon is beautiful
Howie and I looked at it
outside our bedroom window

and Jackie texted back:
Seriously. I have a good feeling about 2017.
We are gonna make each day count
and we are going to experience
beauty and joy each day

and I texted,
I’m with you all the way!
(lots of heart and kiss emojis)


I got up and ate lunch
a big spinach salad and some bone broth with Kim Chi
Marla and I visited as I ate
then it was back to bed

around 7:30 I got up with Howie’s help
and took a shower
to be ready for the family’s
after work arrival

Howie and I watched the 4th quarter
of the Knicks – Rockets game
the Knicks were down by 19 in the third quarter
came back within 3, but fell short in the end

I plan on watching Knicks games this year
praying for miracles is becoming part of my life

while we watched Howie followed Jackie’s
cooking instructions so dinner was in the oven
at 8:30 everyone was home
the grill was put on
and by 9 we sat down at the table
already set by Marla
for a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner

we opened a delicious bottle of Billecart-Salmon Rose
one of our favorite champagne producers
that we discovered one night years ago at Chico Hot Springs
we toasted to the year ahead, 2017, a year of fun, joy and laughter
family time, happiness and love
we lit the Hanukkah candles, a full menorah
for the 8th night and we shared stories and more thoughts for 2017
thinking about taking trips together
enjoying family adventures and being there for each other

2017 is going to be a fresh start
a year of living in the present
being mindful of the moment at hand
and as a friend wrote this morning:

a miraculous year filled with positive energy

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