Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shabbat With Friends

Shabbat with friends

Jackie stayed home today with a bad cold.

Tracy came over, helped me with paperwork, my pills and made me lunch. She helped me fill out an ALS questionnaire for a physical therapy appointment. It had very specific questions that showed knowledge of ALS.  I burst into tears into Tracy’s arms at the question regarding ability to move bedding.

Tracy left at about 2:15 and I lied down in bed for an hour.

Amy from the bakery came over for a visit around 3:30 and we talked business, life and family. It was such a hard holiday season for everyone.

When Amy left, I lied down again. Josh came by with Tony, the plumber to look at redoing our shower and our toilet. That one step in and out is getting harder every day. I got out of bed and joined the discussion. They came up with a plan and it’s all going to get done while I’m in Florida. Josh brought some ice cream because he was staying for dinner!  Debby and Julianna were coming up with Gail, Alex Anna, and Laila. They all showed up at around 5:30.

And the fun began. First with Josh and Alex trying to change a lightbulb over my bed. As Josh took the bulb out it shattered all over the bed! A picture is worth a thousand words….

Gail brought dinner, the table was set, we all sat down for such an unbelievably heart warming meal filled with love and laughter. We lit the Shabbat candles, drank wine, broke bread and sang all the Shabbat prayers. I couldn’t resist the casa emma olive oil we brought back from Italy nor the bread and challah from Wild Crumb and so I too broke bread, having my first bread in probably two months.

We went around the table and told each other our highlight of the week. Mine was our sweet family New Year’s Eve dinner. Micah said his highlight was Jackie coming home from work and asking him what’s for dinner, since he’s been making many of our meals of late. Many said it was the Shabbat dinner at hand. We ate a delicious elk and beef stew and sat around and told stories. Julianna goes to Barnard, so I was telling stories of my Columbia College days, my hanging around Barnard days…

I’ll let the photos tell the rest…

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