Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Explosion

The Explosion

we are all in the t.v. room
watching the Lions – Seahawks playoff game
dinner, a bowl of  chicken curry, on our laps
suddenly we hear a loud commotion
like the annoying buzz of Howie’s new drone
combined with the sound of the blender
making my morning coconut oil smoothie
things crashing everywhere

we all look at each other
we are all there in the room, even the dog
what the heck
suddenly a jar of pills flies by the open doorway
a jar from a closed cupboard ten yards away

everyone gets up, but me – I can’t
our cat has opened the cupboard
behind my spot at the kitchen table somehow
he has hooked my paper bag of performance enhancing drugs
around his neck and thrown my pill jars
eleven in all, plastic and glass, all over the great room

Howie pursues the cat
as he scurries down the stairs
dives to tackle, but misses
then finds the cat
under his bed
the torn bag still hooked around his neck

later as I walk around the house I find
some random tiny vitamin D pills on the floor

the only jar that the cat got open
trying to help me as only a cat can

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