Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nazareth & The Sea of Galilee


Today's landscape was the most like home we have seen so far, farms, a giant lake, The Kinnerit, (The Sea of Galilee), trees, hills. Again it was really hot. We started late, after 11am and looked for some snacks at some grocery stores, Micah tried eating an avocado without utensils, but it wasn't ripe enough, we arrived in Nazareth around 1 pm and walked around for about an hour and then ate a very big lunch at another restaurant recommended by our new found uncle and food connosieur David, at a place called Diana's that was pretty much a lamb restaurant, where we ate hummus and lamb meatball skewers. They were delicious. In Nazareth we couldn't visit any of the churches because I was wearing a cut off t-shirt, some guard shooed me away when we tried to wander into one of the churches so we just walked around the arab market and then walked our way to the restaurant...

We then traveled to the Kinnerit, found ourselves at the gate of Tel Katzir, the kibbutz I volunteered at for a month in 1978... but the gate was locked and I felt funny about trying to sneak in, we called, but no one answered, so that was my visit to Tel Katzir and then it was off to the Kinnerit beaches which were a bit weird, not really crowded, just dirty. The water was clean, but way too warm, like bath water. We did rest at one of the beaches for about half an hour, just sitting in chairs enjoying the view and then we drove around the perimeter of the Kinnerit while the sun was setting and then drove back to Haifa where after struggling to find a parking place went and had pizza and frozen yogurt in Caramel Center, which in the end unfortunately did not agree with Micah.

Then back at our couchsurfing hotel with Dori and Drori, Jackie skyped us as I was looking up directions for our wine visit tomorrow and she talked to Dori and Drori, and even met Hiro. Then it was to the roof to meet all the people in the yoga retreat - all young - all speak english very well and we sat around and had drinks for awhile and now it's time for bed as we need to get up tomorrow morning and start our day by 9 am...

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