Monday, August 30, 2010

Micah's new friend, Hiro

11:30 am
traveling with a teenager... Micah is still asleep, he awoke for a little bit this morning, but now is back in bed, totally covered by the mosquito netting so the flies will not bother him. It is now the beginning of the heat of the day. Our couchsurfing hosts left the house early this morning, leaving us to ourselves so I figured it would be a good time for Micah to catch up on his sleep and to simply kick back, something we really haven't done much of on this trip. I just got back from the grocery store figuring I should replenish some of the things we have been using, eggs and toilet paper, then bought some extra supplies for our omlette and brunch if Micah ever gets up. He needs his rest, I've been running him ragged, plus somehow he's developed a small dry cough.

I'm happy sitting around and reading today, my mind and my body need a rest. I still have the remnants of a cold, a throat clearing cough, and a kink in my neck, but truly all my ailments appear to be on the mend probably because we are taking it easy so far today.

a big moan from the bed, a few minutes ago as I sat down to write, a voice rose from the bed, "Dad what time is it?" And now another big moan... not sure he is going to rise any time soon. When he says he's hungry, I will cook up brunch, in the meantime I will snack on the fresh figs I just bought...but I better be careful not to eat too many. I'm kind of sitting in the dark, lights create heat, in a minute I will go back to my book on the patio...

A rooster crows, a small breeze, it's pretty quiet outside, once in awhile the sound of some sort of electric saw, life on Mount Carmel in Itzophia (sp?), an arab village, not too far from Haifa University... at the very top and just outside of Haifa, a quiet morning at Dori and Droori's place...

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