Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back and Forth

Today was  a day of a lot of back and forth, between the house and the store, between the boys and work.  Besides my usual morning routine of the stationary bike with Wimbledon on t.v., and then walking the dogs,  the day began with dentist appointments for the boys.  I dropped them off and then off to work, where I met with salesmen, employees, customers, and then back to pick the boys up and bring them to work.  They were both excited to work, but the truck was late and there was little for them to do so after a few frustrating tries at keeping them working, but apart I decided to take them to the skatepark.  Micah had everything he needed, but Howie needed his skate shoes.  So I dropped them off at the park and then went home to get his shoes.  Then back to the skate park and then back to work. and then back to the skatepark to bring them back to the store, for Howie to meet with Margy for lunch and an afternoon together and for Micah to help with the truck which didn't show up till 1:30.   The driver was a nice guy and he says he should be rolling in at 12:30 on Tuesdays pretty regularly.  So we need to adjust our anticipation of him coming earlier.  The order kept everyone busy.  Micah helped at the register, he helped put groceries away, he helped bag produce.  He was very on the ball and a huge help.  Howie went home with Margy around 2:30,  Micah and I worked until 5.  It felt like one of the first days I worked all day since I hurt my knee.  I had to help carry boxes in, help put  produce away, moving boxes, fixing prices on the computer, dealing with salespeople and driving the kids back and forth.   There was a lot of back and forth at the store too, into the walk in, then back to the produce case, up to the register, back in the deli and back in my office (see picture and what you don't see is the triple sink behind the swinging door) 

Today was also a day of back and forth weather.  Rain in the morning when I walked the dogs, to beautiful sunshine, to afternoon thunderstorms, to clearing up, back and forth all night, just now a huge thunder crack, and another flash of lightning and then again moving away.  And that went on all day.  Which meant Murray was impossible and inside the store all day and as soon as it started raining had to put Buddy in the car.  Employee Celeste saved the day on that as it began to rain and I had all the windows open on my truck.  At 5 Micah and I went to the fire station (no rain) for an open house barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.  It was another day that I pretty much forgot to eat - having a bowl of granola before I left the house and that was about it except for coffee.  
While Micah and I were at the barbecue I received a picture message from Margy's daughter Kirsti of  two hands showing off wedding rings, and then seconds later the phone rang, it was Margy telling me I was going to receive this picture message and could I send it their e-mail, and telling me the news that Jimmy and Jane got married, and that I was right when I told her that everything would work out just fine....In the morning Margy had written me an e-mail about how she remembered Andrew's 10th birthday and how 3  year old Howie cried when Andrew blew out all the candles.  Things happen for a reason, things are meant to be, live life to the fullest each day, most importantly be present in the moment.  That I think is the hardest concept to achieve.  More lightning, more thunder, now the rain is coming down hard as well.  It is nice to live in such a nice home.  Huge flash lights up the mountains, Micah has come upstairs and is watching the light show.
I left Micah at the barbecue with friends and went to the Baked Moose softball game.  The game had already started and we were already losing big in the first inning.  The field was in atrocious muddy condition and then it started raining, and thundering and no one was going to stop the game.  I stopped it, hoping it would be canceled, but the rain stopped and they played.  We got killed, but I really felt the conditions were dangerous.  Then I went home, called Margy who was having way too much fun with Howie so I went home and watched the Mets game.  Margy brought Howie home around 7:30 and we watched the Mets game and I fed Howie some leftovers, and the Mets lost another one, by making ugly errors - their fifth loss in a row.  After the game I walked the dogs - it was not raining and the sun was out.  (It is pouring out right now, just pouring!, and as I write this Micah says to me it's pouring so much.)  As I walked the dogs I texted Micah - he was hanging out at the Hungry Moose, so I had to go back to the store yet again and pick him up which I did after walking the dogs.  I'm a little worried about Murray - she has a scab on her nose - she's had this before, I need to call the vet and find out what I'm supposed to do - I think there's some kind of cream, maybe just neosporin, if I remember right.  Driving to pick up Micah I was stopped by the flagperson and had to wait so maybe they are making some progress on the road.   
I get home from picking up Micah, it's at least 9:30 and I take a shower.  While I'm in the shower, Howie comes into the bathroom, and tells me he is nauseous and has a headache.  I tell him to try to go to the bathroom, "that's what Grandma Pearl would tell me to do" and he listens.  After I'm out of the shower he comes back still not feeling well.  He went to the bathroom, but it didn't help.  "My throat hurts, I can taste it, I have to throw up."  "So try to throw up," I tell him.  He tries and tries and cries and cries.  I give him a glass of water thinking that might help, he appears to be in a lot of pain or discomfort and Howie has zero tolerance for pain and discomfort.  "It's killing me," he says holding his neck, "I can feel it, just stuck there, it's terrible."  I tell him to stick his finger down his throat and that works.  He pukes big time in the toilet.  "Ahhhhh, now I feel better," he says.  I make him take a shower, he comes out into the living room wrapped in a towel and lays on the rug on the floor and starts snoring. I get him to go to bed, hopefully he'll sleep in tomorrow.  

More thunder and lightning and rain, non stop, on and off, it sounds like its moving away....

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