Thursday, June 18, 2009

Got Howie to the Conoco for his ride to gymnastics camp.  Went back home and walked the dogs.  Left the dogs home with Micah still asleep in bed and hoped for the best. Went to work.  On the way stopped at the post office and the bakery.  Work seemed mellow, plenty of workers, not enough customers.   At about 11:30 I called Micah and he didn't answer, so I tried him on his cell and  he answered.  He said Buddy had just woke him up.  I asked him if he wanted me to come home and make him breakfast.  "Yes, please."  So I left work for the day, came home, made Micah his favorite omelette, and stayed home just doing stuff.  Did a carpet check all over the house, but no wet spots.  Yea, Buddy!  Dusted and straightened up in my room and the guest room.  Tried to consolidate some of the boxes of stuff all over my bedroom. Organized some piles of books.  It looks a little bit better.  I need more bins or bookshelves.  At 3:30 Curly brought Cooper and Cody and I loaded up the van and took them and Micah to soccer practice, dropping Howie off at Jackson's on the way.  When I got to Jackson's Denise told me that their baseball game had been cancelled due to a very wet field.  But it was onto soccer practice in Bozeman for me.  If I had known the baseball game was cancelled I would never have hesitated on the soccer driving.  On the way there it poured rain in Gateway, but by the time we got to the fields it was beautiful out.  I walked the dogs and talked to some other soccer parents.  Stephanie and Victor were there on their way to Kalispell right after practice.  At 6:00 pm practice was over and it was back to Bozeman picking Howie up on the way home.  On the way it was raining and totally sunny at the same time.  I drove along the rainbow and told the kids that we were the end of the rainbow.  Once in Big Sky, Sarah, Howie's babysitter called me and met us at the house.  So immediately on arriving home I went over dog care, Howie care, plant care.  Then as soon as she left I put on the Mets game - it was the bottom of the ninth the Mets were up by one run and Howie and I watched as K-Rod walked in the tying run, then gave up the winning hit.  ugh.   Made dinner.  Micah requested pasta with sauce the way Mom makes it with garlic, tomatoes and veggies. He helped pull the veggies out of the fridge, "Can you use asparagus?"  Howie had pasta with butter and parmesan.  After dinner, Howie and I walked the dogs.  When we got back Micah packed his bag for soccer in Kalispell and then after that we went through all his stuff for his canoe trip which he leaves for first thing Monday morning.  We will get home from Kalispell on Sunday night and he needs to be in Bozeman by 9 am Monday morning.  So we got his bags ready.  It's late, but they are still awake watching t.v.  They can sleep in in the morning - Howie has Sarah coming at 1 pm - that's when I hope to leave for Kalispell with Micah.  I'll work in the morning, and then get home and load the car.   Haven't heard from Jackie since Tuesday, no blog, no e-mail, I figure they are busy and not spending any time at the cyber cafe.   

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