Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jackie, Andrew and Sawyer are on day 3 of their ascent of Mt. Kenya.  24 hours from now if all goes well they will be watching the sunrise from the summit.  I will be at home with Howie watching the Mets game and eating ice cream.  Micah will be camping at Hole in the Wall somewhere along the Missouri on his canoe trip. 

Today was a work day.  I was able to get yesterday and todays work done.  So I'm caught up. Poor Buddy was on a leash at the store for at least 4 hours straight.  But he got in his exercise at the park while Howie played baseball, we took a short hike along the river fork.  Howie's team scrimmaged the older boys and they did really well.  It was really fun to watch.  Howie hit the ball solidly.  Tonight, after he beat me at horse 3 times in a row playing basketball in the driveway, Howie told me that baseball or basketball is his favorite sport he's not sure which. He also told me he had mastered the drop in at skateboard camp and that tomorrow he was going to master some other kind of move the name of which escapes me even though he told me about this move at least a dozen times.  

At work today I found myself running the deli register during what I would say was the first real lunch rush of the summer season.  Afterwards, I went around to all the employees explaining to each of them how we should handle these rushes, especially if I am not there.  In fact they should assume that I will not be there - because it is my goal not to be there. Rotation. I was telling Constance about my blog, but then saying now I won't be able to write about the store in my blog because that internal editor is going to stop me from writing stuff.  Back in the old days I could just write about anything and I could read at poetry readings and now I have this damn internal editor that stops me from -

It was a beautiful cloudless day in Big Sky today, 70's and dry.  When we got home from Baseball Howie and I put on the Mets game which almost immediately went to rain delay.  We watered all our flowers and then set up the sprinkler for the garden.  I see things coming up but I can't remember what we planted where.  We made dinner, the Mets game came back on.  We made popcorn and watched the Mets lose another one.

We took a hot tub, showered, made the beds in Howie and Micah's room as I washed their sheets today and then had our ice cream sundae desserts.  

As I write this blog,  according to their itinerary, Andrew, Jackie and Sawyer are embarking on their second very full day of trekking, this day ascending over and along the foot of huge rock walls... 

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