Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Howie and I took Murray and Buddy for one more short walk before bedtime. And so we saw
the super skinny moon (Jackie's favorite) set behind the house and we imagined Jackie, Andrew and Sawyer getting up early to ascend  to the top of Mt. Kenya to witness the sunrise.  

A cat screech from outside.  Ziggy fighting?   

My days are very full and non stop.  I keep imagining stopping and sitting in a chair and reading, but I never get there.
Today I woke up, got out of bed, walked the dogs, rode the stationary bike for 30 minutes while watching Wimbledon, woke up Howie, made him some oatmeal for breakfast, drove to work stopping at the post office and picking up the bread from the bakery, where I saw Christian and gave him a check. Arrived at work, Paul needed help putting away some of the wine, Crystal needed me to go over the produce order with her, Howie and I put Buddy on the leash on the patio, then Howie took out the cardboard, then helped restock some of the produce, ran the register  and whatever else we could think for him to do. Chelsea needed help with egg order, Angela came by to talk about the music at the moose summer series. Lots of customers to talk to, always one after the other, they will often come and find me in the back. I worked on organizing the wine, printing some new shelf tags. Howie walked to the bank with me as did Murray and Buddy. Buddy loves the bank.  He gets biscuits and hides them in the furniture or in someone's office. Murray actually ate a biscuit today, which is very rare. Back at the store we worked until 1 pm which is when I took Howie to his skateboard camp. The name of the move he is working on is "rocking to fake." Then I went to the gym and worked my knee for a good hour or so, watching the USA - Spain soccer match which the USA won 2-0, a huge upset.  After the gym, I bumped into Josh and Debby.  Debby really wants a Just Breathe bracelet. Back at the store I worked on the schedule with Lauren, who is planning to work extra and cover for all these employees who are taking extra days off as the store begins to get busier for summer.  I did a little shopping for home, we needed milk, then went to get Howie at 4pm from skateboarding camp.  We stopped at the garden nursery on the way home because I had one more hanging pot I wanted to make for the porch so I bought a cloth and more flowers and when we got home Howie shot baskets and I made a hanging basket.   Then we played basketball together, another game of horse, and watched some of the Mets game.  When they were winning 4 - 0 we walked down to the river to do a little fishing.  The water was cold and high and fast.  No fish to be found and we hiked back on home for the 7th inning with the Mets now winning 7 - 0.  I made some dinner, we hung out, we took a hot tub, had ice cream.  A full day. 

Buddy is asleep on the couch dreaming, making lots of funny noises... it's quiet outside. Time to read.

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