Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Hitting, Skateboarding

"Today was a long and fun day,"  Howie said to me as we took our nightly soak in the hot tub.  We slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and then watched the Mets game which started at 11 am. Santana was pitching for the Mets and we watched till the end of the 7th.  While the game was on Howie also practiced basketball in the driveway. The Mets were winning 3-2 when we left and that turned out to be the final score.   At 1 pm I drove Howie to his last day of skateboarding camp, then at 4 pm I picked him up and watched him skateboard - see video - and then we walked the dogs and got ready for his little league baseball game.  Howie took a bunch of practice pitches from the mound and then the game started. He played shortstop, catcher and pitcher.  He had a triple and a double!  Then he got to play left field in the major league game.   3 hours of skateboarding followed by 3 hours of baseball!  

I worked for a little bit, didn't get to work till after 1:30, then did a delivery up the mountain, then back at the store put out all the new wine that came in the day before.  By the time I got my deposit done and came back from the bank it was time to go back to the skateboard park and pick up Howie.  So on my way back from the bank I loaded the dogs into the car, then went into the store, gathered up my stuff, which included watermelon and cookies for the baseball snack for both teams.  Then I drove off - as I pulled onto Ousel Falls Road I noticed the money bags sitting on the front hood of the car.  I had put them there when I was loading the dogs into the car - they had change for the store - some singles, quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies.  Maybe a little over $100 - so I pulled over, got the bags off the hood and drove back to the store, laughing.

Now we are still watching baseball on t.v. texas rangers and arizona diamondbacks tied at 6 in extra innings and I can't pull Howie away.  tomorrow morning we are going rafting down the Gallatin with a bunch of moose employees...

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  1. oh my gosh-that beats the throwing the dollar away and sweeping it up story. . . hang in there honey! the baseball for Howie sounded amazing. what a day.
    love you all lots. great to see what you are up to. . .