Sunday, June 28, 2009

another epic day

Summer!  Sunday mornings in summer!  Sleep in, coffee and breakfast on the patio at like 11:30.  Not that I really slept in - up around 8:30, I guess that's sleeping in.  Half an hour on the exercise bike for my good ol' left knee while watching sports center and South Africa against Spain in Soccer.  Exciting game, but Spain somehow won after South Africa miraculously tied it.  Then of course walking the dogs.  Then made coffee and putzed around the house, Micah wakes up and goes straight to the t.v. (ugh!) and then wake up Howie at 10, because I was planning on calling Jackie at 10 today and so at around 10:10 we called Mom,  I started to talk, but gave the phone to Howie and then Micah.  Then Jackie and I talked for almost an hour, who knows what we talked about, but it was so nice to be on the phone together. I even got to talk to Andrew who sounds great - like himself - but great, made a point to tell me that he's not fighting with mom. I call Al and MaryPat, but there not home.  I call Jackie's Dad to let him know all is well in Kenya and to check up on him as well.  He sounds good.

And then we made breaksfast and sat outside on the deck, Micah, Howie and I, plus of course, Murray, Buddy and our cat Ziggy.  The phone rings and it's Josh Greene, he's coming up to Big Sky with Ethan so I tell him to come over and we will do something together.  The phone rings and it's the college journalist who wants to come over and interview all 3 of us.  It seems to me that everyday has a mind of its own so really life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.  Kelly calls to invite us to join them at the lake.  So many options.  The young woman journalist arrives at our house and interviews the three of us one by one about how we feel about living in Big Sky.  Josh and Ethan show up at the end of the interview wondering why there is a young attractive coed filming me on the porch. The USA - Brazil Soccer match is on the t.v and while we are hanging out, the USA takes a quick 2 - 0 lead!  It's unbelievable!  And then we decide to ride our bikes to Ousel Falls.

(Howie and  I are sitting here having ice cream together, he's telling me that Mr. Sullivan  won an art contest once and go to go to Japan, and then he's telling me that during the lesson yesterday they had this guessing contest for this mystery object which was a giant glass globe and he guessed it was "a giant fishing bobber"  and he was so close as it was the globes used for fishing nets!  "I was so close, I guessed a giant fishing bobber," he smiles and shakes his head, "a giant fishing bobber." )

And so we began our epic bicycle ride at about 1 pm.  Howie led us most of the way to the Hungry Moose where we took a water and ice cream break.  (uh oh, we are having ice cream twice in one day).  And then it was on to Ousel Falls trail head.  Howie almost totally bonked, didn't want to go further, and wouldn't talk.  He was also having one of his I hate Micah fits, but somehow we made it to the Ousel Falls trailhead, we rested a bunch before embarking on the less than a mile hike to the falls.  Somehow Howie got up the energy to make the hike. About half way we stopped at the mini falls where we often fish, the water was roaring the pool was overflowing.  I wasn't going to even try to fish, but Micah really wanted to so I set up the rod, and knowing Howie needed to go first, set him up - first I took a cast with him and we foul hooked a fish, released it.  Then I let Howie fish by himself and bingo he caught his first fish of the season just like that.  Then it was Micah's turn who all by himself cast to the perfect spot, perfect drift and set!  He caught a fish like a pro! I was so proud and excited to watch them fish especially in such tough fast moving water and a tight spot.  Then we tried to teach Ethan, but it was definitely not the best spot to try to teach someone how to flyfish.  I was pleasantly amazed that Howie and Micah caught fish.  I would have been shocked if Ethan caught a fish.  The stream was overflowing - all our good fishing spots were too hard to get to, especially with our big group of 5 guys so we hiked to the falls where Ethan and Micah tried to fish some more with no luck.  It was an unbelievable beautiful sunny day.  The boys explored above the falls while I broke down my rod, we hiked back to the bikes, then rode our bikes all the way home, which was mostly downhill about an 18 mile roundtrip!  On the way back Howie and I were riding together flying down the bike path and I said to him, "So it turned out to be a fun day after all."
He replied, "Yeah, now that we are going downhill!"

When we got back to our neighborhood we saw a car at Margy and Jim's.  They're back!  So we stopped in for a quick hello.  Then it was back up to the house to check on the dogs.  We had left Josh's dog Fritz at home with Murray and Buddy and they were all O.K., thought Buddy and Murray seemed a bit tired from having Fritz over.  It was already 6 pm so I had totally missed both Baked Moose games which was a bummer, but not really the way I wanted to spend my Sunday anyway.  So Josh and I hung out on the porch with beers and chips and salsa.  Debby, Alexandra and Juliana - the rest of his family were at their Big Sky house just a mile away, but they were going to head home for Bozeman, so we just relaxed on the porch as I joked around that I couldn't believe they wouldn't stop by to just say Hi to me and then they pulled into the driveway and soon enough we were making dinner and hanging out.  It was  a blast.  Debby read Jackie's blog and cried and laughed and we talked and made dinner.  Alexandra made the salad, and everybody helped set the table, we grilled a steak, made rice and corn and had a feast!  After dinner they left, Josh and I walked the dogs around the neighborhood, then Josh and Ethan headed for Bozeman.  I watched the end of the Mets - Yankees game, Marion Rivera's 500th save and first ever RBI as the Mets lost another one.

Micah, Howie and I took a hot tub and looked up as the stars slowly appeared as the sky went dark.  A brilliant half moon setting behind the house, and what must have been a very very high plane flying silently by over the stars towards West Yellowstone.  Ice cream, t.v. for the boys, and blogging for me.  

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