Monday, June 29, 2009

a work day, a Monday, somewhat uneventful, but busy just the same.  I got to the store around 9am was greeted with the news of a broken bunker freezer, one we keep outside for storage.  There are so many details to my days, how I go about trying to fix things, interactions with employees and customers, which sometimes are interesting, but really in my daily work day tend to be all very routine.  I tend to do things a certain way, a way that has worked for 15 years.  I tried to fix the freezer by looking at it and shaking my head. Then I took a screwdriver and opened up the panel. Then I called the refrigeration company.  Then I put a container full of water in there to see if it was working at all.  Then I unplugged it and plugged it back in, then I talked to another employee about it and we unplugged the little heater that keeps the compressor from freezing up in the winter. Then I gave up, we'll just have to wait until the refrigeration guy shows up.   That process was over the course of the entire day.

Howie was a very good boy and called me when he woke up.  Then he called me again when Micah woke up and told me that I could pick them up at noon and take them to the skatepark.  So that is what I did.  I never got my deposits done, I spent the entire morning helping the store move along, answering phone calls, helping with the ordering, hoping it was going to get busy for the 4th of July weekend coming up. Then I picked up the boys and took them to the skatepark.  I decided to go to the gym instead of directly back to work.  Had a good workout. Even at the gym I have a routine, mixed with lots of socializing.  Humans are very social.  Then I went back to the store and almost immediately the phone rang - it was Howie, it was starting to rain and they wanted to get picked up.  Rain is bad for skateboarding mainly because you don't want your skateboard to get wet, so Micah and Howie tell me.  

So the boys had lunch at the store - it was 2 pm already, and I finally did my deposits.  Micah brought me his left over half sandwich and that was the first food I ate all day, not healthy of me and lately I haven't been starving myself like that, I just forgot to eat today.  Micah's friends Cooper and Cody found him at the store and Micah went off into the neighborhood leaving Howie alone and bored.  We tried to come up with a friend for him, but all our phone calls were to no avail.  So Howie and I took a walk to the bank. And then Howie took a walk to the park, and then came back and took Buddy for a walk.  And then I finished up my bill paying and we went home and watched the Mets lose yet again, with dinner in the middle of the game and a major thunderstorm, hailstorm, windy, cold and wet.

We could actually see the sheets of rain moving through the sky lit up by a lighter sky towards West Yellowstone.  Hail pounded the porch, but somehow our flowers survived.  Howie counted the seconds between lightning and thunder and told me how far away the lightning was.  Murray hid in the tub in the downstairs bathroom.  Buddy wanted to go outside and check it out.  Howie and I ate our dinner and watched the storm, then after dinner the end of the Mets game.  By then the storm had cleared.  Murray came out of hiding and we went for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up at Jim & Margy's for another hello.  Then Micah called and wanted me to go pick him up at Cooper's.

Ziggy's meowing so I let him in, Murray's asleep on her bed, Buddy's asleep on a pillow on the couch, smelling like a rain wet dog.  The boys have gone to bed and so will I.

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  1. andrew bit sawyer?? that is hysterical. although I guess I can imagine it happening now as well. they are siblings seperated at birth?
    sounds like all is well. the rafting sounds great esp today it is so hot. I just got updated on the Kenya blog so thought I should check in on you as well. it is great you actually talked with them this weekend. and they have recovered from the trek? I don't know that I could do that. sleep is good. Micah had a good week canoe-ing? what now? on to the 4th celebration? we'll be in Seeley lake fetching Henry from the backwoods. we'll head down to big sky soon for a bike ride and check in.