Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Photos from the last few days

Yesterday, Andrew and Howie set me up on the couch in front of the Mets game. I was so comfortable I fell asleep. The Mets disappointed me for the fourth game in a row losing on the last at bat after leading most of the game. The boys set me up on the couch again this evening, Mets are winning in the bottom of the seventh 3-2. Hopefully they'll hold on to win this one.

Chas and Gail came over yesterday. Gail read some Billy Collins poetry.  Billy Collins is a great writer and the stories Chas and Gayle told in-between were really fun to hear.

Skye and Lauren came by while I was outside on a walk and got their 
puppies out of their car to give me kisses. 

On Easter Sunday Acra came by to say hello. 

We took a walk in Town Center and ended up at the hummocks trail. Afterwards we hung out on the patio at the Hungry Moose and lots of employees came out to say hi.

After a long day I go on the ventilator and Howie massages my feet. 

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  1. Hi Mark and Jackie, Chas and I started following your blog and I used the picture that was taken from the Everett's webcam at 2:00 am on April 13 (one or two days after full moon). There is not a lot to see, but the details are amazing, considering the time of night. Gail and Chas