Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Single Tear

my sister in law Julie
was washing my face
with a washcloth ever so gently
slowly dabbing at the corners of my eyes

Jackie and her brother Alex
came into the room
Jackie Immediately commented
about how sweetly Julie was washing my face

Jackie took the washcloth from Julie
and showed Julie how she would wash my face
from under the washcloth
and Jackie’s rough hands
I spoke in laughter

it’s okay I’m used to it
I married a Roberts not a Hart

Jackie got into bed and fell asleep
Alex said goodnight to Julie
Julie stayed by my side
I looked at Julie 
thanked her for staying up with me
a single tear came out of my left eye
slowly dripped down my cheek
Julie said that’s why we’re here
it’s our pleasure to help take care of you
I told Julie I had a single tear
asked her to wipe it with a tissue
Julie smiled her wonderful smile
repeated back to me, a single tear
got a tissue and wiped my face
she spent the first half of the night with me
rubbing my feet
taking sheets on and off of me
keeping me company when I couldn’t sleep

at 4 am Julie’s shift was done
Jackie woke up and took over
a single tear ever so slowly
dripped down my cheek

We had an amazing time together during the Roberts Family visit.


  1. Mark, I love you so much! More than a single tear is now running down my face! We miss you guys and wish we were still there. We think about you every day.

  2. Mark after talking to you today my family felt like getting the next flight to just be with you. We love you thank you for having such along conversation with us we appreciate it so so much hope to do this soon .Jacky and all friends helping out the family in Kenya says thank you big time .

  3. Aloha Mark, It makes me happy that you are writing! Life has so much joy and in a moment it seems to be able to all turn inside out, upside down and sideways. I am so sad that you are faced with this journey. I just had a good hard cry and now can write to you. I'm sad to be here in Kauai and not able to assist. I hope I'll be back to CO at a time when you can use more care. I send you all so much love and you are in my thoughts and prayers daily! Much love to Jackie, Andrew, Micah and Howie--XO

  4. Mark, You're a good writer. I enjoyed your blog much more than finding out you were battling ALS at this late date. Sharon was reminiscing at breakfast this morning about how much she enjoyed teaching art appreciation at Ophir and how proud she was Andrew had decided to go into the art/design field. So Big Sky and the Robins clan are never far from our thoughts. And now you'll be even closer. Our love to you, Jackie and the family. Jon and Sharon