Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Spider is Crawling on the Ceiling

Sunday noonish
A spider is crawling on the white ceiling
Alex is rubbing my feet
Julie is making breakfast
I’m upside down in the power chair
Jack Johnson is playing on the Sonos
I’m rocking the ventilator
Jackie’s in the shower
Jackson’s skiing
Howie’s in Seattle
Bridget is binge-watching Friends

I’m mesmerized by the spider
all over the ceiling

The sky is white and gray
The spider stops
and rests for just a moment
He’s still
The clouds over Ramshorn
are still, as well

The clouds drop down blocking the peak
The spider rests in
the peak of the ceiling

I get off the ventilator
to write this
I’ve been on it for 40 minutes
I had my best sleep in months last night

The spider slowly moves
I’ll see him later

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