Monday, April 3, 2017

Busy, busy, busy

The angels keep arriving
Alex, Julie, Jackson and Bridget arrived on Thursday
I continue to receive many cards from friends and family from all over
People keep dropping in
they just show up at the door unannounced
Or make plans to see me

Yesterday I got my new power chair that I run with my mouth
The ventillator is getting easier to use
I had it on an hour in bed last night

Jackie sure likes to take pictures
Here's some photos from the last couple of weeks

Celeste and her new friend Sunshine dropped by a couple of Sundays ago.
Longtime customers - sisters Brooke and Marcia stopped by the house.
Margy painting my face and Laura beside me fixing my fingers.
Bridget and Jackson on the mountain.

Brock stretching me out.
Rainbow cookies arrived today from my cousin Lisa.
Yesterday I was out walking when the neighborhood descended.
Molly and Dan arrive.
Shabbat dinner.
More Shabbat dinner.
My blogger helper Debby.
Rolling with Candice.

Writing yesterday's blog with Julie.
Writing yesterday's blog with Bridget.
Writing yesterday's blog with Alex.
Next door neighbors - Poppy and Lauren.
Driveway chalk art message from Lauren and Poppy.
Longtime wine customer Michael.
Neighbors Richard and Nazha.

Doing the crossword with Howie.
Jackie celebrating  Margy's birthday and making wishes.

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  1. Dear Mark and Jackie,

    Thanks for sharing your blog with us. We feel so fortunate to have seen you last summer after such a lapsed time. You guys are going through such challenges but it seems like your response and approach could not be any stronger. Thanks for sharing your personal stories, daily happenings and photos. May you continue to be blessed with strength, laughter, love, family and close friends. Love, MARC and JOY and MAYER