Saturday, April 22, 2017

A New York Poem from Years Ago

My friend Maddy published a poem of mine on her website.

Here is the link below:


  1. What a beautiful poem! Mark, you convey such exquisitely vivid sensations through your words. I also appreciate the humor in the beginning. I am so happy I started my day out reading from this blog. Thank you for sharing. Katie Harvey

  2. I received the most extraordinary comment after I posted this poem. The writer describes college-age Mark (you) so perfectly. To think that such memories have been floating around for decades, in the heads of strangers. I was very moved by this and by your superb poem. Somewhere between the two, I am sure, lies the meaning of life. Here it is:
    This poem brings me back with startling clarity to a spring day when I was sitting on the grass outside Avery Hall withMark who pointed out to me, some distance away, a woman he knew who, I needed to know most emphatically, was named Maddy and was so cool and beautiful. I remember thinking then that this guy was in the grip of some powerful feelings. I hardly knew Mark, a class ahead of me, but I remember that he wrote poetry and was friendly and unpretentious in a way many others at Columbia were not. Why do I remember this? I guess I remember hearing what it was to speak honestly and frankly about someone you admire, to someone, anyone who would listen. How good it is to unburden yourself this way