Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Last Day in Israel

Micah and Adam working on a crossword...

9.3.10 4 pm

David visited me at 8:30 am, everyone in the house still asleep or resting, Adam and Amitan off to school on their own. I tried meeting him on the main road and got lost right away, asked a guy getting into his car who offered to drive me to Ahouva. David called looking for me, we found each other and had a great breakfast, just talking about my trip, his life, my life. Then we came back to Lisa and Aaron's and we all visited for awhile. I think David left around 11:30. Then Micah and I walked to Ahouva street together this time with directions we got there without any problems and we did some final shopping. Bought myself some books for the plane, some last minute gifts, a bottle of wine for our shabbat dinner tonight. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Marc, but something came up, he had to take one of his kids somewhere, it didn't work out, which was fine. Micah and I found a very busy falafel stand and had one more falafel for lunch, we laughed as we walked around, not believing this is our last day in Israel. I told Micah, I'm going to miss you, we're not going to be together all the time like we've been. "Yeah," he smiled, we hugged.

And so Micah and I have been hanging out with Lisa, Aaron, Amitan, and now Adam just got home from hanging out after school. Lisa found all these odd earrings that i used to make and insisted on me taking them back with me to show my kids so they can wear them on Halloween, she also gave me my old silver pinky rings, one with my hebrew name (moshe) and one with my english name written in hebrew... then we were looking at some old cassette tapes and vinyl records that we must have made or bought together - some really great old Roberta Flack records, I went on I-Tunes to see if I could buy some of the albums or songs, but they didn't exist on I-Tunes.

So now we are just hanging out, t.v. on in the living room, our last hours will be spent, taking showers, packing our bags, and having a final shabbat dinner with the Leitner family, so far haven't taken any pictures today, maybe I should take one right now... so that's it for now, I have this urge to go somewhere, see something else, but I'm not, I'm going to take a shower and just soak in the final hours and be with an old dear friend and her beautiful family on a typical friday night, the last friday night before Rosh Hashana. In fact as we did some shopping on Rahov Ahouva earlier everyone was saying Shabbat Shalom, L' Shana Tova....

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