Wednesday, September 8, 2010


And now I'm back at work, my second day, all going well, store really does run without me, I'm like the little push behind the clogged drain full of ping pong balls, just nudging everything so the balls go through the hole and the business keeps moving along. The weather has been crappy. Cold, wet, needs a bit getting used to, I've hardly seen any friends yet, I feel like I need some time to think about those 3 weeks with Micah in Israel. This blog has been such a reporting of what we did and what happened with just a little bit of reflection. I need to, I want to, I will reflect... as I run into people and of course everyone is asking me "How was your trip?"

(I'm at my desk at the store writing this.... and I hear "MARK!!!!" I ignore it. Seconds later, "FALSE ALARM." That is my life at the Hungry Moose, knowing when to react, and then when I need to pushing things along...)

So my answer for now on How was your trip?:
Great, Awesome. It was a 3 tiered trip for me,
1. Israel. Israel is twice as old and ten times as built up. History, Spirituality, the politics, the people...
2. 3 weeks with Micah, wow, what a great kid to travel with, he loved it, he participated and he soaked it all up like a sponge.
3. The People. This is your life.... visiting with 3 friends who at one point or another in my younger days I was very close to. Revisiting the old Mark.

And now back at work, things going well, saying hello to everybody, reconnecting with the staff, waiting around now mostly to say hello to my manager for the first time, who kept everything running well, and then it's Rosh Hashana, so off to temple tonight and tomorrow, the Jewish New Year.

Shana Tova to everybody!

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