Saturday, September 4, 2010

On Our Way Home

9/3/10 11:45 pm

on board, taxiing to the runway waiting for takeoff. 3 weeks with Micah in the last few days have been a glimpse into the Mark of old -
staying at Lisa's, moved to Israel in 1995
seeing Marc with a C, moved to Israel in 2004
having yet another meal with David, moved to Israel in 1984
junior high/high school/college
close your eyes, snap your fingers, give a whistle and it's 30 some odd years later
and our kids are us
they are the ages we were when we met...
Well, the plane will be taking off any second leaving the land if Israel... until who knows if and when we, I, or Micah will return...

a trip to think about
to digest
to remember
to write about
and to jump off from - a renewed interest
(or for Micah, a new interest)
in what happens
is happening
in Israel, in Palestine
in the middle east,
in the world

in the air...
say goodbye to Israel, "l'hitra'ot, shalom"
"l'shana tova"

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