Friday, July 17, 2009

out with the old in with the new

Grandpa just went to bed, Howie is still watching baseball.  Not working this weekend, at least not planning to.  Micah is in town with his friend Mike who got his stitches out today and according to his mom his shin has healed up nicely.  I got into work around 9:30 or so, and everything was pretty normal, busy here and there, but somewhat manageable.  Josh stopped by the store and instead of helping unload the Associated truck I just sat outside on the patio and had coffee with Josh.  I set Josh up to drive Micah to town at 2 pm.  So after Josh left I called Micah and told him the plan - all he needed to do was call Mike or his mom to figure out if he could sleep over for the next couple of days.  He called me back telling me he couldn't reach them, so I called Teresa on her cell and set it all up.  They were going to pick up Micah near 4 corners where Josh was going to be at 3 pm, and then go to the County Fair.  So I called Micah back and told him to pack a bag, and that I would come home around 1:30 and bring him back to the store.  I spoke to my Dad too who said he was about to go for a walk with Howie and the dogs.  I think that was around 12:30.  The new cooler was arriving at the same time I spoke with Dad.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Pretty smooth transition.  Chelsea and I cleaned out the area and emptied out the old cooler.  And the Coke guys arrived with our brand new Vitamin Water 2-door cooler.  I showed them what I thought they would need to do.  And then I kept an eye on them - when they were taking out the old cooler it looked like they were going to try to get it out without tilting it and I stopped them because I knew that wouldn't work.  After the old cooler was out and the new cooler was in and in place I saw that it was already 1:15 so I jumped in the car and called Dad - he was just starting out on his walk!  What he and Howie were doing for the last 45 minutes I didn't even ask.  I told them I would pick them up from their walk.  When I arrived in the neighborhood they had just started down the road from our house.  I told them I would pick them up on my way out.  I got Micah and his stuff, helped him a little bit, forgot to give him money, maybe he took some of his own.  Then we picked up Grandpa, Howie, Murray and Buddy and headed for the store.  I went into the deli and helped take deli orders and made some ice cream cones - Micah ordered his sandwich, Howie ordered his sandwich as well.  It was a little busy, when the rush died down Dad and I shared a sandwich.  Howie had been working, helping put stuff away and helping Chelsea load the new cooler.  Then Dad and Howie took the dogs for a walk behind the store down to the river stream.  I had a haircut appointment at 3:30 so I drove down for that.  Always a pleasure to visit with Jackie at the salon.  She has a customer that always complains about me and I was telling her I think he was in the other day buying his usual case of wine, this time not asking for a discount, but after he paid he realized he forgot to get a case of water so I told him to just take it.  Jackie was laughing. He's coming in for a haircut soon and she can't wait to see what he says. When I got back Howie was working bagging the organic spring mix.  Dad was telling me that Murray went into the water up to her neck.  Dad thinks the water is raging, but it's just the south fork and no matter how raging it might be its really just a small stream.

(Buddy just jumped off the sofa barking like crazy at the open door - there must be something out there, but nothing Howie or I can see.)

So around 4:30 or so we headed home for the evening.  Howie was not really interested in the motorcycle jumps that were going to take place in the Town Center Park next to the store and all I wanted to do was go home, relax and go fishing.  We got home and made a couple of vodka lemonades and put the t.v. on.  Dad wanted to watch the Nightly Business Report on PBS.  IBM has been going up big everyday and Dad is wondering why.  Sure enough the show tells us that IBM reported unusually good earnings and all the talk on the show is that the recession is officially over. Whatever.  T.V. is really all B.S..  

Met game started at 5:45.  Howie watched Deal or No Deal downstairs until 6 then came up to watch the game with Grandpa.  I left to go fishing with Murray.  I bump into Jim and Margy who are heading out to dinner and while I am talking to them, I'm asking Jim if he can bring me home a gallon of milk on his way back, Buddy shows up.  I call Howie on my cell phone and tell him that I have Buddy and will take him fishing with Murray and I, though I was hoping not to worry about him.  As we are walking down the hill 2 sandhill cranes fly overhead making their whooping sound.  We cross the highway easily and head down to the river.  The fishing is good.  I catch about 6 fish or so, one really nice one - about 15 inches, my first nice fish of the season.  Buddy comes over to take a look at it and as it flops around Buddy runs away.  All in all Buddy was a good fishing dog, not getting in my way, but he did go swimming a little bit, and sometimes jumped up on me while we were hiking along the trail.  The big one as always got away, I missed a lot more fish than I caught, couldn't figure out the hot irresistible fly, but had fun, hiked to all my favorite spots.  The only real negative were the mosquitos, biting flies and annoying bugs so I was constantly casting and then swatting biting bugs as I didn't have any bugspray with me.

We got back to the house around 8:30, Buddy was a muddy mess, had to hose him down which is not easy because he likes to run away.  Had to really yell at him super loudly to get him to let me pick him up before we got too close to the busy highway.  Those are the 2 main reasons I don't like to take him fishing, he always gets muddy and he doesn't listen.

Back at the house Dad was watching the Mets game which was just ending, the Mets lost 11-0, Howie was asleep on the couch, fell asleep watching the game with grandpa.  I started getting dinner together, woke up Howie and made him some mac and cheese,  Dad and I had a fresh garden salad and some grilled chicken.  Then we all watched some more baseball on t.v., whatever games were on.

Another busy active day, but with Micah already gone for another 2 night sleep away, quiet and somewhat relaxing evening.  I think tomorrow morning I'm going to try to get Dan to meet me at the South Fork and we can fish the stream - maybe we should do Ousel Falls? maybe we should start at the new Kircher park.  We shall see...

No profound thoughts, happy to see Dad and Howie spending time together.  I was really happy to have time with Dad alone the past few days, today was the first really hot day, so Dad never complained about being cold.

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