Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At Last a Summer Day

Warm and sunny all day, the snow on Ramshorn Peak has melted away - it's almost 10pm, I made the mistake of offering to put the t.v. on CNN, so I can't sit and watch with Dad - I can't take the news shows, ESPN is absurd enough, but the News shows that are all geared to selling advertising I just can't take all the sensationalism.

I'm not feeling very inspired tonight.

Dad met Polly on his walk today.  I saw her this evening as I was walking the dogs, and I told her,
"Hi Polly, I hear you met my Dad today.  He told me he met you and he had a sparkle in his eye.  He used to call my mother Polly.  Her name was Pearl and he would call her Polly."
Polly smiled, "He told me he liked my name, but he didn't tell me why."

My Dad is always cold or worried about being cold.  Now he thinks he caught a cold.  He stayed home all day today, but he did take a walk.  I was too busy at work today and he was O.K. to stay at home.  I offered to come and get him, but he told me to get my work done.  It wasn't such a bad day at work really - I got a lot of paperwork done, then wandered out front to get something and Chelsea told me she couldn't get free from the register to do anything so I finished up my paperwork and got stuck at the register, though I did run and take out the garbage and did a couple of cardboard runs and made phone calls and smiled and talked up the customers.  At 2 pm my three polish workers came into complain.  I handled it as diplomatically as possible.  I hate to be ganged up on, but I managed.  The personnel issues are always the most difficult to deal with, but often the most trite.  It always comes down to an I work harder than s/he does type of thing....  

Dad and I went to the Big Sky Kids sponsor dinner tonight and met the kid we help sponsor.  Tina was at our table, her mother-in-law was a cosponsor as well.  So we talked mostly about our lives in Big Sky and listened about camp and saw a great slide show.  It was nice to see how the organization works.  The father of the kid we sponsored was super grateful, there was another man at the table with his daughter who was a cancer survivor.  I think they were at camp too, but were not sponsored by anyone, he told me about the kids who were practically in hospice, but still participating at camp.  There is so much in life to be grateful for and bottom line is we should always be trying to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Of all things the girl we sponsored was big into soccer.  Plays year round, has had to take time off, but is currently cancer free, with her red hair slowly growing back, quiet, pretty, with a great smile, a freshman in high school this fall, but has to take a year off from soccer. 

The t.v. is blaring as my Dad is practically deaf all about Michael Jackson's hair on fire and his addiction to pain killers.  Ugh. CNN. 

Everyday I go to work thinking I will leave early, but there is always work to do, phone calls that happen, things to do, today there was a same day gift basket delivery, plus just very busy at the register and the deli.  That's good, it is the middle of summer already.  I think I'll get into bed and read until I fall asleep.  Good night.

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