Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Today, I thought I would go in for a couple of hours take a long break then go back to help set up and work the farmer's market.  But I ended up going at 9, going home at like 2:45 and back at 3:30 and set up the market, walked around, help break it down then finally off work and headed to the concert with many things in between, let me back up and start over.

It is now 11 pm, Micah and his friend Mike are downstairs watching a movie and Howie is tagging along.  Grandpa went to sleep a few minutes ago.  I'm obviously on the computer once again blogging after a long day.

It all began similar to yesterday, stopping at the post office, getting a hello from Leslie through our P.O. Box, then off to the bakery where I helped Christian bag our bread.  Then to the store where before I could even unload a box of bread, Lauren came out of the store to talk to me, she still wasn't feeling right, but thought she should work, she got the order done, and she wanted to stay.  She looked really pale, not enough blood in her cheeks, she told me what her issues where. We talked about stuff. I didn't want to pry, but I care about her and was concerned, almost like a father.   

(uh oh, the boys are fighting - I need to negotiate a truce so Howie can tag along in the hot tub for a little while and then the 2 older boys can have time to hang out by themselves.)

Then I unloaded the bread into the store.  Then I stacked the cases of eggs into the corner. Then I - well I continued to work - before I knew it, it was after 11 am, then I remembered I had an appointment with a salesman at 11:30, an old fashioned jobber, who represented a lot of small specialty vendors.  So we worked together for at least an hour or more - then I got a box of groceries to take home (damn, I forgot to bring home milk!) (now they are bossing Howie around - get the phone, get a towel... so I yell no phone in the hot tub! ugh!) then Dick and Julie Laws came in lunch so I just gave up trying to get home to kick back and sat with them as they had lunch and I had a latte.  It was good to see Dick. He looks good, he sounds good.  He seems better than last year.  Then I was about to leave and the Bronkens beer and wine delivery showed up so I had to direct traffic and help them put the beer and wine away.

Then I just grabbed my box of groceries and went home.  I had called earlier to let them know that eventually I was coming home to get them.  Micah and his friends had made pancakes for breakfast.  Grandpa said he cleaned up - what a mess they left, he told me, but he cleaned it up. Mike had told me that Grandpa spent the whole morning in the living room chair petting Buddy.  When I got home the boys were playing downstairs - which is somewhat of a blanket and pillow disaster.  Or they were jumping on the trampoline.  Dad was sitting on the porch.  I made myself a half of bagel with some left over steak and joined him on the porch.

Then we gathered the boys and the dogs into the car and waited for grandpa to put on his shoes.  
Back to the store - Prszemyck and Matt were trying to put together the tent at our spot at Farmers Market. I grabbed a table and carried it out to them.  Constance was there gathering stuff and so it was back and forth between the store and the park figuring out what we needed and making it look nice. The weather was iffy, the wind picked up, I held down the awning, it rained a bit, then it stopped, the sun came out.   Slowly the market picked up speed and it was a big success, lots of people walking around, music, art, crafts, and of course lots of people I knew.  Again lots of conversations.  All of sudden another in flux of summer people have arrived.   Howie was here with Jackson and Denise selling lemonade and golf balls.  At 7 pm it started to drizzle again, and it was time to break down, we sold a bunch of produce and bandanas, it was a success. 

Then it was time to gather the troops and head over to the concert.  No one had sweat shirts and Dad didn't have a coat, I forgot to remind everyone at 3 pm that we should grab extra clothes for the concert.  Micah and Mike grabbed moose sweatshirts from the store.  Cooper already had a sweatshirt on.  I gave Dad my fishing rain coat, hoping that would tide us over for awhile.  We got to the concert and the boys grabbed their skateboards and headed to the skatepark. Grandpa and I took our camping chairs and set up at the concert.  Dad wanted a hamburger and a beer.  I bought myself a margarita.  I delivered Dad his burger and then went to get myself something else, but there was nothing else so I ordered myself a hamburger with Lindsay who is due any minute to give birth to what looks like a bowling ball.  The hamburgers took forever.  They were finally ready as the band took a break.  I went and got Grandpa and we took a walk over to the skatepark.  The boys were ready to be done skating and wanted to go get some burgers so I gave them some money, and took the dogs and the skateboards to the car with grandpa to go home.  I drove Dad home, dealing with a flag man traffic stoppage.  I put on a baseball game for Dad, got him set up in front of the t.v. and told him that I was heading back to the concert.  "Wher are you going?" he asked.  
"I'm going back to the concert, I have to deal with the kids and bring them back, remember? I left the kids there." I wasn't really sure what he was thinking.  He saw the kids before we came home.  I'm not sure what he was thinking, he wasn't thinking, or he was just thinking about himself, or he truly didn't remember that the kids were there, or what?
So back to the traffic stoppage I went, this time waiting a much longer time.  Finally back at the concert the kids were playing around on the skatepark, they had all eaten.  I left them there and went to listen to the music.  Eventually they came and found me.  I was hanging out talking to Kelly and Kevin.  Kevin was telling us a story about his dog beating up on a big cinnamon bear in his neighbor's garage.  Crazy.  Then I was talking to Kelly about Dad, realizing that he was starting to get a bit forgetful.  

Finally concert ended and it was time to go home.  Down to Micah, Mike and Howie.  Cooper went home with Kelly.
There were so many things going on all day.  Curly called to borrow a few bottles of a certain wine we had at the store.  I helped Crystal with the Intermountain Produce order while I was dealing with Craig from Evergreen.  Chelsea and I wrote an e-mail to Harvey about the website. At the market I saw Tracy and Patty and Baker and the Cronins, and  Laurie,  and Laura, and on and on and on all day long.

Now winding down at home.  Dad happy to see us, telling me the Giants game was great, their all star pitcher Lincecum was pitching, the dogs very happy to see me and needing a decent walk.  The boys seem to be settled in in front of the idiot box, hot tub done, so it's time for me to check on them and then go night night. If I dared try I could probably pick a day and write a novel based on one day.  Ahhh, it's already been done, and no way I could do it better than Joyce...

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