Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just Another Tuesday

Question of the day?  How long has Jackie been away?  When will she be back?  
Found myself at work, half a cup of coffee in my tummy tasting a bunch of Australian wines.  That was an interesting way to start the day, they were good wines... ones we already have on the shelf.  
Before I could even get started with my work it was time to go back home and get Dad and the boys.  The truck showed up about 20 minutes later and there was plenty of work for everybody.  
Margy picked Howie up at 2:30 and took him home for their play date, then brought him back at 5:30.
Micah worked until 5:00 then disappeared with a gang of friends.
Howie, Dad and I went to the school fundraiser dinner at the golf course, beautiful evening, lots of people, lots of introducing Dad around.  Some people he remembers, but mostly he has to ask me who they were after they walk away. He says all the women look alike, blond and young.  I introduced him to a long time customer of ours who is 85 years old and who was president of Drake's Bakery back east and was the inventor of the Yodel.  Dad told me when he was a kid he worked for the Drake's Bakery in Brooklyn.   Dad and I had dinner.  Howie played with friends the entire time, never ate and left with our neighbors and is still not home yet.  Micah showed up with his friends and then quickly disappeared, Laura had brought them, and sat down with Dad and I and bought me a drink.  When Dad and I were ready to leave, Micah and his buddy Cooper showed up ready to eat some dinner, so they ate and we walked the dogs. Then we all headed home, Cooper coming over for a sleepover.

The Mets were losing 7 -0, so I'm glad we didn't stay home to watch.  We watched a little baseball, Dad nodding off on the couch.  I took the dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood.  I thought about going fishing, but I was tired and Micah didn't want to go.  I returned home from my walk, Dad was playing solitaire at the kitchen table. Micah was wanting me to call his friend Mike in Bozeman back to help complete sleepover plans for tomorrow.  I called and made plans for Mike to stay in Big Sky the next 2 nights.  Then I took a shower. I am heading to bed to read myself to sleep. Last night I was up from 3- 5, just not able to sleep - I think it's my allergy medicine keeping me awake, so as soon as Howie gets home, I'm going to bed.

Keeping this journal makes me realize a lot of my day is conversations, and tonight I am not trying that hard to remember any of them.  I took this behavioral quiz to evaluate what kind of boss I am via the internet and tomorrow I'm meeting with a couple of my financial advisors to assess it.  Should be interesting.  The quiz was odd and some of the questions I wasn't sure I was answering accurately, but the initial results appeared flattering and correct as far as how people often describe me...

All this journaling definitely makes one more contemplative.  Not that I could tell you what I am thinking about. 
I'm tired and want to give me brain a rest.

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