Thursday, July 2, 2009

Highlight of the day was fishing with Micah at the end of the day after dinner across from the house on the Gallatin. Micah is such a good fisherman.  He really loves it. Otherwise the day kind of had the normal routine. I get up do my morning routine, go to work, Howie calls,  I make a plan, pick them up around noon, take them to the skatepark, pick them up around 1:30 and head for the store for lunch and then hope for the best and miraculously they both found friends to hang out with for  awhile.  So the day worked out and we got home early - around 4:30 or so.  Not in the mood to write any real details of the day.  It was a good day, the boys got along pretty well.  Walking down to the river is always a good thing for me.  The river is very high this year, staying cold, and lots of rain, every year the water is so different, the holes are different, where the fish are is different. There were so many bugs down by the water, mosqutios included.  Buddy did really well - we let him off the leash while we were fishing and he hung around.  At one point he just started barking - he was facing away from us, not sure what he was barking at.  Murray just hung out on the side of the water and took it easy, Buddy ran up and down, in and out of the water, he is such a puppy and came home a muddy mess.  We had to spray him down when we got home, he cleaned up O.K. but he still needs a bath, he's a bit of a stinky mess and he's in my bed. ugh. And Micah caught some fish.  He missed a few and he caught a few. A good day.  And the sky was so beautiful, the pink sunset reflected in the water and the lit up eastern sky . 

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