Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sagittarians Rule!

Sag Party!

Annual tradition of 5 half Sagittarian couples birthday celebration
This year at John and Laura’s house.
Great food, great wine, great friends, great laughs.

We were playing Celebrity, Sagittarians against non-Sagittarians. I was putting my water glass on Nettie’s chair. John brought me over a side table and I was like I don’t need that, I like keeping my water on the chair, and then went to grab it, but grabbed Nettie’s thigh “by accident”. I laughed so hard it was awesome. Nettie laughed, I laughed, everybody laughed, but I laughed uncontrollably for a long time, and it felt so good and genuine. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I’ve laughed, but my laughs of late have seemed physically awkward to me –on this one I got past that awkward, self-consciousness and laughed that full body laugh for like 5 minutes straight! Yeah!!!

Later on in the evening, we had another big laugh, John was trying to get a song to play through Spotify. He had it on and then it went away. Laura said, What did you do?!” and John said,  I’m sorry, I pushed the wrong button! and Laura said without missing a beat, “ Story of my life!”  Another full body laugh. It was infectious as everyone lost it again! Yeah!

We did a little gift exchange…
Nettie bought me a service bell as a birthday gift. When I opened that I laughed and said, “oh yeah, Jackie’s going to love that!” A service bell, the retro box it came in is awesome, but the memories of a service bell, not so awesome. I mentioned to Nettie, Oh, I have stories about a service bell, but I’m wasn’t going to tell it at the party (I didn’t want to cry), but I can tell it here…

We do use them at the store so the register clerk isn’t tied to the front counter, but when my Dad lived in Big Sky, I bought one for him to keep by his bed. When I slept at his apartment in the bedroom upstairs when he would wake up in the night he would ring the bell for me to come help him. He would ring that thing over and over and then start yelling for help when it didn’t wake me.  I don’t think I ever slept well those nights as I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the bell and he would try to get up without me.

Denise and Dan bought me a heating pad and a neck warmer. Using both right now to keep my feet and neck warm.

It was such a beautiful evening, my friends are so good to me. Helping me get onto the high stool at the kitchen bar, from there to the sofa, keeping my wine, water glass and dinner plate full of goodies, helping me up, keeping me steady, helping me in and out of the house. Even escorting us home.

What a magical evening! I’m a bit worn out today, but it was well worth it!

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