Saturday, December 10, 2016


Last Friday night we had a staff party/community dance party at the Riverhouse. Almost everybody on staff was there and fun was had by all.  Lots of our nearest and dearest were there as well. The deejay played great dance music all night and I sat on the dance floor surrounded by beautiful blondes.  I was escorted down to the dance floor by Nettie and Barbara and I told Nettie about my years ago Los Angeles sushi restaurant memory: We were sitting at our table enjoying some yummy sushi when a glow entered the room, it was George Burns approaching 100 years old, with 2 young blonde bombshells, one on each arm.  The light glow around him emanated from him, no cameras, just him and 2 young beauties.  That’s exactly how I felt as I was escorted to the dance floor by Nettie and Barbara:

Later that evening Jackie and I danced, holding hands and dancing back and forth. No spins. Later we lip synced I’ve Got You Babe.  There were glow in the dark rings and necklaces and crazy hats. The party went till almost midnight and it was super fun for all. When we got home I was exhausted, climbed my new stairs from the garage into the house then slowly headed into the house, thinking of the living room chair where I would take off my fancy blue leather Italian shoes and my coat. As Jackie said watch out for the rug I tripped and went flying straight down and into the closet door – face first – smashed my lip pretty good. Looked like I might have gotten into a bar fight.  All healed up now and haven’t fallen since. I need to be mindful of every step and not think 5 steps ahead!  Keep my head where my feet are. One moment at a time. Those are some good mantras to live by.

Saturday was a recovery day, don’t think I ever got out of my jammies. No, I showered and dressed to go out to the school gym to see the first high school basketball games for the boys and girls teams at 6pm.  Sat courtside center court, right in front of all the action. Boys won a close one, girls after a tough first half won easily. It was a great outing, got to see and say hello to a lot of community members I haven’t connected with since before the illness, lots of love and support and more importantly a little bit of normalcy, just watching the kids play hoops!

Sunday was football at a friend’s house, watched the Giants get romped by the Steelers.  That was after working at the kitchen table getting a head start on payroll and bill paying. Tucker came to the house and took over for me after I went to my friend’s house.

Monday, I had someone bring me my work from the store and did payroll from home. Sara came over and did some energy work with me. A gentle session.

Tuesday I worked at the store and did some wine work. I love ordering wine. It’s just too much fun. Sat in the dining area and met with wine salesmen and did some paperwork.  Stood at my desk for a while and then I just had to wrap up and head home to rest then finish my work from my spot at the kitchen table.

Wednesday was a town day. Friend Erin picked me up at 9:45 to head to see Andy, my therapist. A session about mind body spirit as all my appointments were that day. Erin and I went to lunch and then I had an acupuncture session followed by an energy session.  It was a day for me about me.  Definitely a calming day. And all my people were working on aligning and nourishing my mind body and spirit. Spending time with Erin also had a calming effect on me – he’s just the right guy to escort me from appointment to appointment and having good car time with.

So that was a quick summary of my day to day for the last week.   Trying to get into a calming routine and finding time to read, write and relax. Not quite there yet, but getting there – that’s what I tried to do on Thursday, spend the day at my spot on the kitchen table writing this – now it’s Saturday – yesterday Jackie and I went to Bozeman and saw my new nutritionist who really turned my diet upside down and also a new occupational therapist who could have talked to us forever, and then I hung out with Debby while Jackie continued with chores and I rested, lied on the sofa and talked…

And today I’m posting this…

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