Thursday, April 29, 2010

Howie's 10th Birthday/ Arches National Park

In the morning we celebrated Howie's 10th birthday and Buddy's First Anniversary with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, a birthday banner and birthday balloons!

Today is Howie's 10th Birthday! My baby is 10 years old, we've had our Minivan for 10 years, we've lived in this house for ten years. A decade has gone by and the world has changed, technologically especially, look at me I'm blogging.

And today I finally sunk my teeth into Micah's siddur... First draft pretty much completed. Stayed home from work in the morning, the phone guy came over and updated our wiring and fixed our internet connection. And I cut and paste, cut and paste and made a list of copies I needed to make, and cut and paste and cut and paste. 42 pages.

Then around 2 pm I went to the store. Full on snowstorm outside. And I'm having all my snowtires taken off, of course it's snowing. Did a little work at the store, making phone calls, moving things along, getting things done, keeping my employees happy and working. Then went to Beth's office to make copies. Then back home to the siddur. Jackie was working on Howie's birthday dinner and a couple of the pages we need to write for the siddur.

Now it's already after 9 pm, Jackie is sitting in the living room looking at Howie's baby album. The oven is beeping for Micah's dinner who just got out of the shower after getting home from soccer practice. I'm trying to catch up on my blogging, I was just too tired last night after traveling to Bozeman and back for Micah's meeting with the rabbi and his torah tutor.

And soon we will be having Howie's Birthday Cake. Homemade by Jackie a White Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cake Roll... Micah has just announced that not only is today Howie's Birthday, but it is also National Dance Day. Pictures of the cake above...

And now for our arrival in Moab to our campsite on Tuesday evening, April 18th and our wonderful day in Arches National Park on Wednesday, April 19th, in pictures...

We hiked over 7 miles in Arches at Devil's Garden. It was a beautiful day that a couple of thunderstorms blew through, leaving us at the end of our hike with a beautiful rainbow, yet another natural arch!

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  1. Oh my! It is such a beautiful place! That’s a perfect birthday celebration. Happy birthday to him and God bless him. I will also be taking my kid for camping or hiking this time. Last year his birthday was celebrated in one of the finest New York venues. It was fun then also because all our friends and relatives were there.