Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the weekend

Howie starts the day after his birthday trying to ride his soon to be old bike to school in 6 inches of snow.

Well, life continues to be a whirlwind. While I spent the weekend in Billings with Micah for a soccer tournament. Jackie, after throwing Howie's sleepover birthday party on Friday spent the rest of the weekend and then some sick in bed. Howie had a great birthday party with his buddies, Jackson, Jackson and Caleb, starting with a visit to Jackson R's 9 golden retreiver puppies(thank god they were all already spoken for), then to the bike store to pick up his birthday present, then break dancing and dinner at the Hungry Moose and then onto our house for hot tub, pool, and just plain fun. It was t.v. screen free week so it was a no video games and no movies night.

On Saturday, Howie's party ended, but he ended up spending the day with Jackson W. Andrew had soccer games in Bozeman, and Jackie was just too sick to get out of bed which was a major bummer (she has since recovered) since this night was Andrew's first prom and she was hoping to meet his date and get some pictures... Micah and I were in Billings, where Micah's soccer team lost their first game in the morning and won their second game which was in the evening. On Sunday they won their morning game which put them in the championship game against the team they lost to on Saturday and .... unfortunately they lost to them again...

Andrew's prom appeared to be lots of fun.... and I heard a little about it when I got home late Sunday night....

so that was the weekend.... the week has gone well, it is very slow at work, time to catch up on stuff

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