Sunday, May 23, 2010

Grandpa Stan in Big Sky!

Yesterday, Grandpa Stan woke up, took the sheets off the sofa bed in the guest room, packed up his suitcase, and we drove over to his new condo just across from the store... It was 80 degrees and sunny in New York when we left on Thursday for Montana and we arrived to cold wind, rain and snow... So on Saturday morning as we drove over to Howie's baseball game, it started to snow. So we stopped at the post office and picked up his mail, then went to his new condo and dropped off all his stuff. Then we went back to the ball field and we sat in the car and watched. When Howie got up to pitch the last inning Dad braved the cold and watched Howie strike out the side. After the game we went straight to the store where we all shopped for Grandpa's new condo. Snacks and basics, cleaning and bathroom supplies. Then we wheeled the grocery cart over to his condo and unpacked his groceries and the bags we had dropped off earlier. The place was nice and warm since I turned up the heat when we dropped off his stuff earlier. After that we all went back to our house where we made a grilled salmon with mango salsa for dinner and watched the Mets beat the Yankees in a very exciting game which is what we are doing right now on Sunday Night as I blog... Mets are winning again! After the game last night Andrew drove Grandpa and Howie over to Grandpa's condo for his first night, Howie slept over to help take care of Grandpa and all went well.... We are all super excited to have Grandpa Stan in Big Sky!!!!!

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