Tuesday, May 4, 2010

more pictures from Moab

Our Hike up Hunter's Canyon - Thursday, 4/22/10

the day before after our beautiful hike in Arches, we started to drive out of the park in on and off rain, everybody was hungry so we pulled over at a pullout and checked phone messages and fed the boys. There was a message from the store that said that Stan was in the hospital, so I got on the phone and tried to figure out what was going on. Somehow I got a hold of my father in the hospital, he was fine, he thought he had a stroke, but the hospital ruled that out. He said he was weak, called 911 in the middle of the night and ended up in the hospital, but he sounded absolutely fine. After talking to him I felt much better. We had some juice, cheese and crackers and then it was off to the super market to buy supplies, water, firewood, meals. The boys walked around Moab while Jackie and I did the shopping. Then it was back to the campsite. It was just starting to get dark, as I backed the car into our site. The sky opened up and the rain came. We went straight from the car to the tent. We were hoping the rain would let up, but it never did, so Jackie and I made a dash for the car, the hatchback kept us dry as we grabbed food for dinner. So we had guacomole and salsa and chips and turkey and cheese and bread for dinner and played the card game spoons until we were all too tired (except maybe Howie) to keep playing.

In the morning we made a fire, the sky was clear, it was going to be a beautiful day. We cooked up some coffee and breakfast burritos and packed a lunch and started our hike up the canyon right by our campsite. It was a great day, a great hike best shown by all the pictures we took.

the boys climbed up into Hunter's Arch...

After the hike, before dark, I drove into Moab to find out how Dad was doing. I spoke to my brother Lou who drove down to spend his own birthday with his father in the hospital. All was well, Dad was still in the hospital, but the verdict was as I suspected, dehydration and a lack of nutrition. I bought some more wood and headed back to the campsite for our fajita dinner...

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